woensdag 8 april 2015

It is well........


                                 Last weekend , Easter, I tried to post
                                         what happened next............ : )

                                       After having a hard time
                                        with Blogger and video
                                             I had to give up .
                                    Had to delete the whole thing
                                        for most of the attemps
                                        I made placing a video , 
                                       were showing in the post.....
                                and I'm afraid my email followers
                              received that chaotic post in their mail .
                                         So sorry about that !

                           I decided to try again and hope for the best...       
                                    Here's what I ment to share....

                         GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD........

                                     because if thou shalt confess
                                    with thy mouth Jesus as Lord ,
                                     and shalt believe in thy heart
                                that God raised Him from the dead ,

                                   THOU SHALT BE SAVED                                    
                                 for with the heart man believeth
                                          unto righteousness ,
                                   and with the mouth confession
                                       is made unto salvation .

                                For the scripture saith , Whosoever
                            believe on Him shall not be put to shame .               
                                         Romans 10 : 9 .10 ,11 .

                                                                     With Love ,

woensdag 1 april 2015

The Old Rugged Cross makes the difference....


                                                   Good Friday ..............        

 Let us praise Him for ever and ever , 
for what He did for us !!

He died for us
to cleanse us from sin ,
and to give us eternal life
with Him .

Jesus Christ , our Lord and Saviour .

The Lamb that is slain .

It's not that I understand ,
but I believe...

 Golgotha's cross made the difference  !

May God hold you in the palm of His Hand ,
He loves you .

With Love , 

donderdag 12 maart 2015

Altered canvas/Wall hanging

                                         Good day to you my Blog friends ,

                         This morning while Mr.B and I were enjoying our coffee,
                               we saw how many signs of Spring we already
                                      have in our garden and I took some
                                            pictures to share with you.

                            In my last post I told you about my preparations
                           for my booth at the Victorian Christmas Fair 2015.
                                    It's my intention to keep you posted 
                                        and to share what I'm up to.
                             My dream is to make all of the products I sell.
                            I never realized I like Victorian, until I saw some
                            very beautiful creations in several Victorian shops
                         on the Internet. And when the owner of the wonderful                                     
                                in Zeijen asked me in 2012 to join her Fair
                       I started to ask myself two things.....what is Victorian Style
                                and do I have my own style......and if so
                                           can I combine those ?
                            For I'd love to have a little Victorian gift shop
                         on the Christmas Fair....and I'd love to find myself
                                   in what I do. So that's my journey
                                   I hope to share with you this year.                                         
                         I have been thinking a lot of what I would like to see
                                      standing before a booth that says.........
                                      "Hand/Homemade Victorian gifts".
                    Don't you immediately think 'The Paradise' or 'Mr. Selfridge' ??
                                I know I do.............Have a lot to do now and
                                   hope to catch the feel I'm looking for......

                      So here's again my work table........I've learned that a lot
                            of you Ladies like to see some of the process of
                                   making and creating..........as I do : ).
                        It's not like a tutorial, just some shots to get the picture,
                         followed by two wall hangings I made this week............  
 Click Photo to enlarge.


                         Hope you enjoyed , see you next week !

                                          With Love,

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