dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Brides in a cottage garden in Limburg.


                                                    Hi everyone,

                        Last weekend was the second time Maria and Jos , with their
                                     Bed and Breakfast, participated in
                                          an "Art Route" (kunst route).

                                Theme was "Wedding Fashion over the years"

                   (  In dit blogbericht staan foto's en filmpjes waarop/in u als bezoeker
                  van de kunstroute, zichzelf kunt herkennen. Mocht u er bezwaar tegen
                 hebben dat deze zijn geplaatst neemt u dan alstublieft contact met mij op!!
                            De afbeeldingen of het filmpje zal ik dan verwijderen. )
                           ( U vindt mijn emailadres in de sidebar van deze blog)


                       I was invited to participate , to show my fabric (brides)books ,
                decoration (fabric centerpiece) - cakes and other creations I wanted to bring.

                           I was very honored to be asked and was busy for weeks
                                                to make things ready.
                    Wanted to show you some pictures Mr.B. took during the weekend.

                                       Be prepared for a lóóóóóóng post........
                       so you better pour yourself a huge cup of tea ladies !!!!!
                                         and have a piece of cake : )....


 Maria asked me to create a little honeymoon suite 
in the little shed.....!!!!

She had the most beautiful old lace available.........
so here I go.......

Where would I be without my dear hubby !!!!!

Isn't this just sóóóó romantic !!!!!


                                    some rearranging of the pillows to do....... : )

                                          Still a work in progress.............

 So great to be with so many lovely people
 Everybody assisting Maria and Jos 
to get it done.
We had a wonderful time.

The doors in the back are the entrance of the bed and breakfast ,
where Mr. and Mrs. B stayed the night .

                                      To give you an idea....... so lovely !!!!

The next morning.......getting ready for our visitors.....


 The little cape below I made last year. 
It has little pearls on the edge.
Looked so great on this
cocktail dress. 

                        Maria was the lady speaker at the wedding fashion shows,
                        that were to be seen. Five beautiful, lovely ladies showed
                                                    the vintage dresses......



  So now you know for sure who took the pictures : )).
Thank you, my love.......!!!


                                            We had such a good time....
                         Thank you so much Maria and Jos for the invitation !!!!

                     If you're interested..... in my sidebar you'll find a link to their
                                 Bed and Breakfast....."Bed en Boterham"

                                               I hope you enjoyed !

                                                                                 With Love,


zaterdag 19 april 2014

He is not here.....!

     When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James , 
           and Salome , bought spices , so that they might come and anoint Him . 
              Very early on the first day of the week , they came to the tomb 
                  when the sun had risen . They were saying to one another, 
           "Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?"  
                   Looking up, they saw that the stone had been rolled away, 
                                    although it was extremely large .          
     Entering the tomb, they saw a young man sitting at the right , wearing a white robe ; 
                                        and they were amazed . 
     And he said to them , "Do not be amazed ; you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene , 
                                        who has been crucified . 
                                         HE HAS RISEN

              He is not here ; behold, here is the place where they laid Him......."   
                                                                                              Mark 16 : 1-7.          


                                   Wish you all a blessed Easter !! 

                                                                     With Love,

vrijdag 18 april 2014

He died for us....

           " But He ( Jesus Christ ) was pierced through for our transgressions,
                                  He was crushed for our iniquities;
                         The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him,
                                 and by His scourging we are healed. "
                                                                                            Isiah 53 : 5.

                                         .......... makes me speechless.....
                                                                             With Love,


zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Kinda Shabby Chic 1

                                                     Hi everyone,

                                In January, in my Grow your blog Party post,
                               I mentioned that we are busy redoing our house,
                                     and I promised to keep you posted.

                           Today I want to share some pictures of our living room.
                               We have a few possibilities in how to group our
                          furniture and mostly we change it in October and in March.
                                        In our 'Winter' and 'Summer' room.
                       That is because we have a wood stove and on cold winterevenings
                         we love to sit on the couch in front of the fire watching a film
                                                  or reading a book.

                          Our house was rebuild by other owners before us and they
                              extended the room at the back side into the garden.
                                This is were we sit during Spring and Summer. 
                                 Here are some pictures of the winter position......

                     We don't like the way our television is placed very much,
                                           but it's good enough...... :)

              This table we found in the thrift shop for 15 euro and painted it white. 

                  These Art Deco twin bed room cabinets we found in a kind of
                                             thrift/antique shop
                               over twenty years ago. I still love them.

                         Our oldest son Leon is a painter and his latest work ,
                                   the two white dogs (designed by him) ,
                                       are temporary hanging with us.

                    Normally this table is full of all kinds of my crafting stuff.
                      This picture is taken just before we changed the room
                                    so that's why it looks so empty.... :).

                     And here's the first effort of our changed Summer living room......


Eight years ago we painted mostly everything cream, and some months ago
we decided to go for white.

But here's the thing.........

 Both of us are not in love with it.
I never thought I would ever say that, but I find it will be too white.
I know that I love all the wonderful pictures of Shabby Chic Interiors.
And I dreamed of having a white room or even a white house.
But it's not warm enough to my taste and I like to add some
dark items to it.

 So we made a plan and are working it out.
The walls and ceiling will be white 
in combination with the 
'clay' kind of color. 
Some of the furniture
will stay dark and I sewed
other wraps for the couch pillows.
I found some beautiful old fabrics.

this is the first episode of the changing
of our house into a home.......


On the internet I found some wonderful photo's 
of an abandoned apartment in Paris.
A Lady left it in 1942 and all this years 
she payed the rent and nobody lived there, 
so it stayed as it was.

We both absolutely love the feel of this house and soo want to try
to bring some of that touch in our living room.
I know, that will be very hard, but it's worth the effort...
........I think........

Here's one of the pictures, 

                                    What do yóu think........ ??
                          Don't you love the feel of this room..... ?

                                      To be continued......

                                                         With Love,

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