maandag 4 februari 2013


     This "Grow your Blog" Party was great,
     thank you so much Vicki ( "2 Bags Full" ) for hosting this event !!

     Want to thank everyone who left a comment on my blog,.... so encouraging !!!

     I saw so many beautiful blogs and great pictures.
     .... went to bed at unusual times :))), and when I finally closed my eyes.......
     all I saw was a running screen....
     .......and my arm hurt (s) ....a lot !!!
     I enjoyed the party....and I haven't seen everything by far !!! But I'll be there....!

     This last two weeks I had a lot of trouble with my laptop, and have been working at
     another computer. Wanted to sign in as a follower but had
     to make a new account with another photo, so I think it would be better to wait for
     my laptop.
     This morning we took it in repair for the second time.
     All the images/photos I photoshopped to use in my blogposts are out of reach now.
     And all of this happened during the GYB Party.... :(( !!!!

     Hope to sign in very soon, on so many wonderful blogs.
     I'll be back !!!

     Didn't do much crafting this past weeks and not only........ because of the blogtour : ))
     .......but I want to make photos of all kind of shabbyness I found in thriftshops
     some time ago. Hope to show it soon.

     With Love,

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