zaterdag 6 april 2013

Webshop delay.


                        My last months were filled with a work that had to be done
                                                  ( and I enjoyed it !! )
             It takes more time than expected though..... so now I find myself in a situation
             that can get too stressful. In december last year I decided to open a webshop.
                       I still want to and am looking forward to getting things ready,
                     my son did the tecnical preparations ( Thank you so much Jac !!)
                              and all I have to do now is....... make my products,
                                   take the photo's and make my shop work.
                                             But here's my problem........

                                I can't give my attention at the fullest to both of this
                                            ( in my eyes huge ) projects

                          Finishing THIS project ánd give myself in my craftswork.
                      So therefore I told myself to think things over......and so I did
                                  .......and decided to do one thing at the time.......
                         I will finish this project I've been working at these months
                                and open my shop at a more suitable moment.

                In times of rest I do craftswork and make presents for friends and family
                        and will be sharing this on my weblog, for I will be blogging
                                            and sharing things with you.
                                      Just needed to take some pressure off !!

                                                 Hope to see you.......

                                                                        With Love,

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Great choice, Wilma,
    I am trying to do to omany things at once too. I have slowed down and am spending more quality time on things, whatever that might be, dinner, cleaning the kitchen, cards, bulletin board...I am just taking it all a bit slower so I can think and enjoy.
    Sometimes we have to slow down to think and hear the spirit!

  2. Dear Wilma,
    Thank you for your visit and most of all your sweet, sweet words!

    And I agree, it is hard to give 100% to too many projects at one time, something will suffer. I am glad you took time to think what was best for you.


  3. Wilma,
    Hope things are progressing along with your project! Come say hello sometime!

  4. Hi Wilma!!
    I am excited about your projects...both of them! Just wanted to see how you were doing. We're good here, trying to get the garden out front ready for spring, and then we get another cold front! Another cold spell is expected later this week and now it's almost May!! That's rather late for us! But before we know it we'll be sweating and hot! I'm enjoying weeding the yard, but they just come back. Oh well. I need the exercise!!
    Praying for you and hoping you are doing well.
    Hugs and blessings,


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