zondag 21 juli 2013

Art in a cottage garden

                                              Hello everyone ,      

                          A very huge and warm welcome to all of my new followers
                                happy you're here , hope you'll feel at home.............

    Click photo to enlarge        

                   Last weekend , 14 july , I had the honour of being invited to participate
                                       in a............( we call it ) 'Kunstroute' .
                                      Literal translated.....an 'Art route'
                   (I don't think it's the proper word for it but you know what I mean ; )
                        It was organized by a number of 'Bed and Breakfast' owners
                                      and here is our hostess........Maria........
                        a very lovely lady. She's the mother in law of our niece Sarah,
                                              and mother of Koen.

                            The father of Sarah , my dear brother Sietze ,
                                    was also invited to play music........
                         he had his own cosy corner in this beautiful garden .
                                   It was so nice to hear him play !
                                   People enjoyed it so much and
                              some came to sit and listen for a while.

                           My other dear brother : ) ( I have three actually !! )
                                              Jan, was not there ,
                                but his artwork was shown here as well .
                                So it almost was a kind of family affair .

                                               'Staying together'


               Jan's on the photo......his statues behind him are about 3 meters high.
                                   They are huge and meaningful
                                  He was is New York with these .
                               I'm so sorry the picture is this small ,
                               I'll be back with some better photo's 
                         so you can tell what I'm trying to show you : ) 

                                                 'All is possible'

                                           There were eight adresses 
                            to  visit and see all kind of art in an exposition.
                             A shed was cleared out for me to show my work.
                                          It was so fun to place it all.........
                            Here's an impression of my wonderful day........



    I know....... it's a bit small and crowded .........
but it was so much fun......!!

                 There were about 200 visitors along the day...... it was great......
                                   a lot of respond came my way,
                           I loved to see and talk to so many women.
                            Some of them were inspired by my work ,
                                      it made me feel so happy........

                                                       Hope you enjoyed...

                                                                        With love,


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wilma!!!!
    So much fun and such beautiful Items you showed there! You, too are an artist, dear girl, whether you see it that way or NOT!
    I love and adore your cakes, as you well know, and each of your creations have a beauty and uniqueness of their own and they are all so beautiful!
    I am so proud of you and that you were able to have that opportunity! What a lovely day! Wish you the very best!
    Hearts to you,

  2. What a wonderful idea and such fun.My kind of outing. I would have loved to have been there.Of course,Your work would have been a favorite of mine.Denise

  3. Hay lieve Wilma,

    Ohhh...meisje wat een prachtige spulletjes heb je gemaakt!
    En dan vooral die mooie dozen en die prachtige taarten...
    Wat had je het prachtig versierd, met die super mooie kanten
    kleedjes....en ohh ja die harten zijn ook zo prachtig.
    Kind ik kom ogen te kort hoor...wat ontzettend mooie allemaal!
    Als ik bij je was langs gekomen, dan had ik wel heeeeeeel graag iets
    bij je willen kopen..jouw stijl is geweldig.

    Ook wil ik je van harte feliciteren met je prachtig nieuwe atelier,
    wat een verandering, en wat ziet het er gezellig uit.
    Wat zul je hier met veel plezier prachtige dingen gaan ontwerpen en maken.

    Heel erg bedankt dat je ook nog eens bij mij op visite bent geweest..

    Ik wens je alle liefs,

  4. That is so exciting...and it is so nice to be there with your family too.
    Your items are beautiful.. ..as always, and I love how the ivory laces and fabrics look against the dark wood...just beautiful!!

    Thank you too dear for your visit and kind, kind words!

    Hugs and have a wonderful, happy week!

  5. Wilma, I knew your lovely items would be a favorite! No one could pass up a lacy cake, or that gorgeous amber garden glass lovely!! It really catches the eye. I am so excited for you, and your whole family. What great blessings to have such talented brothers too!

  6. Lieve Wilma, wat heerlijk om te lezen dat jullie zoveel bezoekers hebt mogen ontvangen, dat moet je een enorm fijn gevoel hebben gegeven. Net als al deze bezoekers was ik vorig jaar ook onder de indruk toen ik je prachtige creaties zag. Wat bijzonder om zo'n mooie dag met je familie te delen...creativiteit zit in jullie bloed, prachtige kunstwerken. Wat ontzettend leuk dat jullie dit samen konden delen op deze dag.

    Bedankt voor je lieve woorden...bloggen staat op zeer laag pitje. Ik hiervoor je begrip.

    Een heel fijn weekend!

    Lieve groet, Helena

  7. Hoi Wilma, wat geweldig dat je zo'n mooie expositie bij de kunstroute mocht hebben. Ben heel blij voor je! Je prachtige creaties verdienen het om zo mooi uitgestald en bewonderd te worden! Zo alles bij elkaar ziend, ga je gewoon echt even terug in de tijd. Alsof je eventjes door een Victoriaans winkeltje mag lopen. Wat een mooie kanten kleden overigens...
    Dank je wel voor je lieve berichtjes, het is altijd fijn om wat van je te horen. En ik ga nu gauw eerst even je posts Books en Light lezen... want ik ben al een paar keer op je blog langsgeweest in de tussentijd, maar nu mijn zoontje vakantie heeft, word ik continu uit m'n concentratie gehaald :) En gelijk heeft hij trouwens! Liefs en knuffel, Wendy

  8. Oh, I wish I could have been there! What a wonderful idea that was and such a great background for showing off artist's creations! Artist talent runs strongly through your family! You did a delightful job in displaying your work.. draping lace in the background and over the center table. Love how you showcased all the different ways your medium of lace can be used. And those collars?? I adore them!


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