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Grow Your Blog Party 2014


                                             Hello Everyone,

                                   A warm welcome to all of you.

                       First of all a huge THANK YOU to Vicki from,
                                              2 Bags Full
                        for hosting this wonderful event where so many
                            of us can Grow our Blog and friendships....
                   Vicki is a lovely friend to many of us. She is so very kind
                       and compassionate.....you'll find out all about her
                          "Pink Scarf Project" at her blog 2 Bags Full


                             So excited to participate in this Blog Party
                                           for the second time.

                            My name is Wilma. Living in the Netherlands,
                     happily married.....in fact.....this year Mr.B and I will have
                                    our 40 years wedding anniversary.

                          We have 2 great sons, a lovely daughter-in-law,
                                      and two wonderful grandsons.

                                  My first blog post was written in 2011.
                          For some years I had seen so many beautiful blogs,
               of lovely ladies connecting and sharing their interests and creations.
                So much wished to be a part of this and tried to 'build ' my own

                                            'Shabby Royale'
                          To know why I called it that....click HERE
                                  (Grow Your Blog Party 2013)


          Now and again having a hard time to find out how this 'blogging' works,
             but I always can call in help from either one of my 'three wise men'.
                        I'm learning and love to share my things this way.

                     Loving the 'Shabby Chic', and in our house we're always
                    busy changing, painting and decorating to give it this look.
                          .........seem to get never done with it : ).
              Hope and like to keep you posted about our efforts making a home.


               There have been years that I wouldn't dream of entering a thrift shop
                         the only thing I saw was a lot of junk without any use.
                         Once I learned to 'see through' this and 'think creative'
                                 it became my favorite way of shopping.
                     To decorate our house and (re) use in some of my creations.
                      Thanks to all the other bloggers that were so inspirational
                               I found a totally other way of being creative !!!!!!
                                   In my sidebar you will find a lot of links
                                          to the most beautiful blogs !!

                            My most precious find was a few years ago. 
                                      At home with mum and dad,
                          we had this old 'Sunday school picture' of Jesus.
                       It was on the wall of my father's study and I loved it.
                           I've always been looking out to find and buy this
                   particular one for myself and........there it was, after all these years
                         in a little 'brocante' shop about 100 mtr from our house !!!!

                         Guess you already found out that I'm a Christian : ).
                                        You will notice in my blog
                        that I'm devoted to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
              An other reason for me to blog is to let you know that God loves you !!!
                 ( What else could you expect from a Baptist preachers' daughter : ).


               After I started collecting all kind of potential stuff and creating with it
               I got encouraged by the people that surround me to sell what I make.

                 So back it was................ my hidden dream to have a little gift shop....
                   where I could sell my own creations......in which I now also use
                                            my 'thrift shop finds'.
                         Blogging changed my live in a very positive way.....
                  I found very dear friends, maybe far away at the other side
                           of the world, but they are close to my heart !!

                     Thought I might show you some pictures of my findings ,
                of my work and at the end a few images of our '"home making"
                                              Hope you enjoy..............
                          The fabric in the back (above) is a curtain I found,
                                 I used it as a background for my weblog,
                              and......for sewing pillow cases for the couch : ).

Always looking out for worn out books
and old gathered magazines
like these. This most shabby spine is from
a newspaper from 1878 !!
Love my typewriter,
it works.

Last week I found this gobelin/tapestry, it is over the top....a sort of : ),
but I was thinking of hanging it on a white wall 
on the right spot in a shabby chic room...... 
would be just fun....

                                     One of the first books I covered.

Thank you so much for your time! Hope to visit you on your blog too!!

To see all the other blogs participating
in this Party  2 Bags Full.

With Love


28 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank You for including Me in Your list of blogs You read Wilma.Yes, it's fine to use My fave teacup,I don't have an official button of My own.I was happy to see You were joining Grow Your Blog party.It's My first time for this party.I was surprised how huge it is.I took My time perusing Your post and enjoyed Your beautiful artwork and Your lovely home.I love Your book covers !So gorgeous :) Denise

  2. What a warm and stunning blog! I am happy to follow you! This is my first time participating in Grow Your Blog! What a blessing! Jan

  3. Wandered infrom Grow Your Blog, you like so much of the same things that i do

  4. Hello Wilma! I am so happy to meet you! I am part of Vicki's "Grow your Blog" helpers... Your blog is beautiful and you have done a wonderful job with the party! I am going to follow along with you.. I admire your decor style and your faith in Jesus.. We have much in common...from thrifting to our faith.. Come on by and visit with me.. I am so happy you were part of my visits today.. Blessings!

  5. Wilma, I am already a follower of yours and am just stopping by to wish you well. I love to go to thrift shops, too. I especially like to patronize those which are there to benefit those in need, such as Salvation Army Thrift Store. There was a time when I, like you, could not see the treasures to be had in re-purposing or reviving an object.

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

  6. I'm visiting from the Blog Party. Your blog is beautiful!

  7. I love re-purposing the "junk." I'm visiting from the Grow your Blog Party too!

  8. Hi Wilma,

    I'm visiting from the Grow Your Blog party. It is so nice to meet you. Your home is lovely and I adore all the lace and shabby items you have surrounded yourself with, including your pretty blog design. I plan to look around a bit more and then be on my way to visit the others. I do hope you will stop by for a visit and enter my giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs – Donna

  9. Hi Wilma!!! LOVE your home pictures so much!! I can just see you and your family all sitting around and being family together! It makes it seem closer to see your own home! I love your laces and pearls...I've just pinned so many of your pictures!! Hope you don't mind! Lovely post sweet friend! Love you!

  10. Wilma,
    Your home is so warm and inviting! Why do we have3 to live on opposite sides of the world? I guess blogging has made it so we can be dear friends anyway, isn't that wonderful! LOVE your pearls and lace, made me think of Doni! ; ) You have such a gorgeous collection. I think I have a few of the same pieces you do. I love all of your creations and your love of the Savior. And I love your heart! It is also warm and inviting!

  11. Hi, Wilma. It looks like you have lots of fun with your shabby projects and second hand finds! :-)
    My earliest European ancestors came to the U.S. from the Netherlands, and I had the blessing of visiting your country when I was 6 years old with my parents and small brother as we were returning to the U.S. from East Africa. I remember some things about it - especially that I left my prized purse in Volendam. :-)
    I was too late to join the Grow Your Blog party, but I'm visiting some of the blogs anyway.
    Oh, and I am also a pastor's daughter. My dad ministered in what are called "Bible Churches" and also in some Baptist churches here in the States.

  12. I'm happy to meet you! Your blog is so pretty...it shows how creative you are and is a wonderful background for the pictures of your "finds" and the wonderful things you do with them. The big picture is lovely...since you found it so close to your childhood home, do you think it may have been the one in your parents' house? What a lovely story that would be! I'm visiting this evening as part of VIcki's GYB...but I'll be back to see your posts often. Sara

  13. Hello, Wilma! So glad I came over to visit your blog b/c it's so pretty -- I love the lace and pearls. Ooo :) We have much in common, and it's so exciting to visit someone who lives overseas from me. Blessings to you!

  14. Wilma, I am so happy to meet you. I see we have some similar tastes and I look forward to readying more. Your creations are stunning!

  15. OMG!!! Beautiful stuff.... The typewriter....the jewelry.... the pearls.... lace.... oh my goodness!!! Absolutely beautiful! I found your blog through the "Grow your Blog" page and I am following you now. I can't wait to see more beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. GYB visitor here, Hi!
    Loved your nostalgic thrift shop finds, you have a good eye!
    Like you I use predominently recycled materials in my stitching and mixed media bits n bobs.
    I have always hated waste, guess thats the influence my aunt had on me, she would store away ( hoard in my case lol) used string, buttons off clothing shed use for rag rugs etc.
    I blame her entirely and loved her dearly lol
    Love your lace collection and the stunning glass garden pieces are delightful!

  17. Hello Wilma! It is a pleasure to read and look through your blog - the Victorian show photos are beautiful - you create lovely items, and have wonderful finds! I with pleasure follow your blog :) I have a tiny blog, I would be pleased if you followed ~Jennifer

  18. Hello Wilma
    I'm thrilled to find you here!
    I've really enjoyed meeting you and reading your lovely welcoming post!
    We have so much in common - I love making vintage collage and altered books too.
    I'm always visiting thrift shops too and hunting for tatty old linens, lace, buttons and old jewellery pieces.
    I spied your Sepia album on your side bar - it is exquisite Wilma.
    I'm making a similar one as a tribute to my very talented mother - who is now with our Lord in heaven.

    I'm following you now so I'll be back later when this party quietens down
    I would love you to come over and meet me and enter my Giveaway - a vintage fabric and lace collage.
    Have fun and enjoy the party!
    Hugs and Blessings

  19. HI Wilma, lovely to meet you and have a chance to visit your fabulous blog. I really enjoyed spending time here. How perfectly wonderful to see so many beautiful lace and Victorian pieces. Thanks so much for inviting us in. I plan to follow by email. Carole xox

  20. Hello Dear Wilma

    I so happy to see that you have joined the GYB party once again so that we may visit and see all the wonder here. I grew up in a christian household also and my parents had that same picture in our living room above the mantle! I was amazed!

    I love all of your vintage finds especially those magnificent old books and magazines!!! What a lucky score. Australia is such a young country by comparison that it would be a rare discovery here.
    Your creations are exquisite and inspire all of us so much!

    Thank you dear for creating a whole board on Pinterest devoted to my artwork. That was incredibly kind! I havn't joined Pinterest as yet - perhaps one day!

    Don't forget to put yourself in my Giveaway at the GYB party too.

    Love and very best wishes,

  21. What a lovely blog you have! I am absolutely floored by your fabric books, I would love to see a tutorial on how you create those. I'm working on one now but really just winging it. Your lace collection is stunning and wow it looks like you visit some really pretty places. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog and am going to follow you.


  22. Your blog is fabulous! I'm visiting via Vicki's GYBP and enjoying your blog so much. I'm a Christian, love to shop at thrift stores and am thoroughly enjoying seeing all your treasures. Congratulations on 40 years of marriage, thank you for staying true and faithful.

  23. Groeten! I just found your blog through Grow your Blog. Both of my parents are Dutch. (Frisian!) I love all of your pictures! Your blog is lovely and I will be following!
    I am also a Christian and I live in Canada.
    Blessings, Diane

  24. Hi, so nice to meet you. Your blog is very enjoyable to read. How nice to see your talent as well as meet your lovely family. Happy hopping!

  25. Thanks for sharing your story & blog. I'm still, slowly, making my way through the list of blogs.

    aprilsongstress (embroidery blog in the 1st set on the list)

  26. Que hermoso blog. Me encanta el estilo Shabby y Vintage. Felicidades, esa corona esta muy linda.
    Saludos desde Chile

  27. So pretty! I adore all this and I will definitely use this table decoration for my engagement party. We will have DIY ceremony at domestic garden seattle venues. If you have more ideas for nice decorations then please share.


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