woensdag 26 februari 2014

White Silk

                                                Hi everyone ,

                    This week I 'd like to share a piece I finished some time ago.
                        Something rather different from what I usually do.
                             Last summer I found this wonderful white silk
                                         that I could not resist : ).

                               My first project with it is this bridal purse........
                                        or pearly, lacy kind of wrap.......
                                     Anyway.........here are some pictures,

                                 Maybe you can tell me what it's called  : )......



Hope you enjoyed............ see you next week .

 With Love ,

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh so beautiful! Lovely fabric, I like the contrast between the inside and the outside! Your laces and pearls are gorgeous. Have you made more than one here, or is the pink ribbon edge on the inside of the purse? So clever and so pretty! Oh, I am still on the computer..aren't I ! I was going to get off ! Yikes, now I am in trouble! LOLOL going to work now!

  2. Hallo Wilma, prachtige stof gecombineerd met het kant en de parels. Wat een mooie versiering erop met de roosjes!
    Groeten Janny

  3. Oh Wilma, how pretty! Your blog always puts a smile on my face :) Thank you for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs to you

  4. Your creation is beautiful, Wilma.
    Have a lovely day!

  5. Wilma, the handbag is beautiful.....the inside of the bag is a pretty contrast with the white.

  6. Hi Wilma! I was excited to see that you have been busy making more beautiful creations! Thst bag is stunning! It has so many pretty things to catch the eye. I of course love the pearls and laces, but that gorgeous fabric on the inside makes the whole bag really stand out! You always make such lovely pieces. The brides over there will be wanting that for spring weddings!
    Hugs to you!

  7. Dear Wilma, this is a lovely creation. You are so blessed to be so talented. Hugs, Beverly

  8. Dearest Wilma,

    What a wonderful creation you have made. The silk is so pretty and I love all the pearls throughout. Am I correct in calling this project a bride's clutch bag? Any bride would be blessed to carry this!

  9. En deze is ook al zo mooi. Wat een prachtige kantjes en stofjes heb je er voor gebruikt.


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