dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Fabric Book for Doni 4/4 slot

                                                 Hi everyone,
                                        Hope you are doing well,
                          I'd like to share some photo's of a present I made.

                         You better pour yourself a huge cup of coffee ,
                                     ( tea or hot chocolate...... : )
                              and be prepared for a Lóóóóóóng
                                  final post of the fabric book
                                I've already been showing you
                                           all pages of..............
                                     in my last three posts .

                    The smallest book is a letter in which I told Doni all about
                                     the personal details I added .

                        In the last page I added a little ' paper and lace book '.

                          Had been looking out for a small book and found ,
                                      in a thrift shop , this music book .
                                    It had just the right size to use here ,
                                           so I started to alter it................

                          Hope you like to see a few photo's of the process....
                               I used blotting paper to soften the pages .
                                Now......I know that ( I think ) everyone ,
                         who ever tried to alter a book , faces this problem :

                                   .......... the book doesn't close.............
                          when you want to add 100.000's of pictures  ,
                             lace , ribbons , buttons , beads and pearls....
                           So the following will be no surprise to you...............

                                 " MY BOOK DIDN'T CLOSE "..........
                            and I had to dismantle the whole poor thing ,
                            create a new spine , and start all over again .

                   I 'm sure you totally understand I wasn't in the right mood
                               to make more photo's of the process ,
                        fár too embarassing and I had no time for such thing : ) .

                 But I left a hint for Doni and put the original spine on the back...
                                          like so............. see ??  : )

                        My idea was to really make it look old and 'Shabby'..........
                                      and shabby it got............ !!!!!

                                          but in the end.............
                             I was rather pleased with the result ,
                            so here are the photo's I díd make.......... : )

                 The pictures are some of the wonderful vintage portraits I love ,
                       of some beautiful ladies , brides and wedding couples .




                                     THE END

                                           Hope you enjoyed............          

                                                                          With Love,


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wilma, how I loved seeing the process you used to make my beautiful book! Each detail is delightful to me and oh so pretty! The music detail in the book is just delightful too, as you have taken something I love and made it so special by combining it with all of my favorite things! The whole project continues to delight me and as I look again and again, new surprises are found, new things I did not notice the first or second, third time through, etc. I know I will continue to notice more and more as time goes by. The overwhelming amount of effort and time and thought and dear friendship and thoughtfulness is a great joy to me. God bless you my dear friend and sister-in-Christ,

  2. Mooi gedaan Wilma. Lijkt me leuk om te doen.
    Groeten Janny

  3. Hello sweet Wilma
    Oh you have put your heart and soul into this extra book and I can see how much Doni has appreciated every step. Thank you for sharing the process. I personally think the shabby effect is more appealing and you have not only very sweet images but some gorgeous laces, gloves, pearls,
    etc. The whole project whilst a learning process is an absolute credit to you. Every new book teaches me something new every time. I can never make the same book twice.
    Hugs for your perseverence - it was worth it!

  4. Your book is just glorious! Stunning pages and all the gorgeous lace and frills....the images are so beautiful and I love that you used the music sheet as well...there is so much to see in your book and it is just so very lovely....swoon worthy actually...congrats on making such a stunning book....

  5. Ik vind je boekje zo leuk geworden, zo mooi met dat kant. Ik heb een boekje geschreven en de buitenkant ook enigszins bewerkt. Wat mooi van jou!

    Groetjes Janny

  6. Wilma, such a gorgeous book !!! I would love to make o e of those, and 8 just adore your idea of an old music book... I would love to find one of those!!!
    All your books are gorgeous and amazing. I have got to get courageous.!
    I am "in your neck of the woods"! We are in Germany for Christmas! Sending you Christmas love and cheer!!! Hope all is well with you, my dear!!! Hugs,

  7. What a stunning book. I love how you used the lace and the old pictures.

  8. Gorgeous work, so sorry you had to start over!

  9. Sweet Wilma, I had my coffee while enjoying this beautiful post. Seeing the finished book was such a joy, my friend. I love how you always add just the right amount of lace and embellishment to each page....you are so, so, SO gifted!

    Thinking of you, dear one. Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs! Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration.


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