woensdag 13 mei 2015

The Living Room Redo, a Doily Tablecloth and My Old Piano........


                                             Hello my dear Blog Sisters ,

                           Today I'd like to show you one of my latest projects,
                                            and a bit of the change we're
                                                  working on in our
                                                      living room .

                         Over a year ago , I told you that we were not that happy
                               with all the white in the room , simply too much.....
                                                      to our taste .
                            To read a post about the start of our redo click Here.

                                So we decided to add some darker elements ,
                           and started with the wall ( behind the beautiful painting
                                      by our son , it is there temporarily )
                                     and painted it a tone of sage green.

                         The brick wall was next..........here's a photo I made
                      on a winter's night , but it will give you an impression .

                             I 'm sure you can picture me lounging and
                                          surfing the internet : ).

                          The photo's of this abandoned apartment in Paris
                                       very much inspired me.......
                             I just love this combination of colors.........

                          The lace on the lampshade is a gold colored table cloth
                                  I luckily found in a thrift shop ( where else : ) .
                              The pillow cases are from vintage fabrics and match
                                         the colors in the globe picture.
                          We chose this picture because Mr.B. was a geometrician
                                             and the colors of course....... : ).
                             All in all I wanted to add something more masculine ,
                              considering all the lace my dear one has to look at........


                        A dark floor was a long-held desire of my Mr. B : ).
                        But a dark floor and a dark dining table and chairs....
                                    was again a bit too much , sooo.....
                                   there we found our selves painting
                                  something WHITE again......HaHa....


                                       I know !!
            you must think : ....."Why do these people drag around
                             their furniture all the time....... ???                                                                                                             and what is Mr. B. up to.... ?? "                                              
                                   Well there's a simple reason                                                                                   
                        we have a Winter and Summer formation : )
                     and I took pictures in the middle of some moves......
                     but since we isolated the ceiling in the back room
                            we can also be there in the winter.....: )) !
                                        So there you are......... ; )
                           ( Little thing is that in that way we can't
                         sit on the couch in front of the wood stove
                             hmmmm.....what can we do about that......? )
                        ( more about picture above later in this post ).
                       Now here's one of my latest projects
                       A table cloth I made of vintage doilies....
                         I like the 'Shabby Chic' feel it has,
                       together with the table and chairs now.....

                                 here are some photo's...
                   The beautiful flowers are a Mother's Day gift
                            from son # 2 and my d-i-l  !

                                    My desire was a piano , just to look at
                                       and as a great addition to the room .

                                  I found one on the internet for only 25 Euro ,
                                ( see.....how good it is to surf on the internet ; )  ?!
                                           it was not far from our town......
                                  and yes , my dear , sweet Mr. B. volunteered.....

                                            Thank you so much , my love !!

                                                   and here it is......

                                                  "My old piano....."

                                            Hope you enjoyed......

                         " May God hold you in the palm of His Hand "      
                                                                     With Love,


12 opmerkingen:

  1. Wilma it is all so beautiful! I love your tablecloth and your new old piano and how you decorated on top of it. Just lovely! Diane

  2. Everything looks s o pretty!! All that white would bore me to death so I really love the color of the walls..... And all the lace... to die for!! Stunning!!


  3. Very lovely! Now you're going to have to learn to play that piano.

  4. What a lovely room, Wilma! The old piano is perfect for the space. The lace doily tablecloth you made is so beautiful!

  5. My dear Wilma, what a beautiful and charming home you have! I love all of the sweet touches of lace. And the old piano....I am in love :) Thank you so much, sweet friend, for giving us a glimpse into your lovely home. Hugs to you!

  6. Everything is lovely! You've created such a beautiful home for your family.

  7. Wilma!!! Beautiful ! I am like you, I love looking at pictures of all white rooms, they look so serene and calm.... But I just have to have some color in my own rooms! I don't know why, but all white in person to me feels like something is missing...
    I was in the Amsterdam airport for four hours a few days ago, on my way to Germany for the birth of an expected grand daughter! I will be here a few weeks! I thought of you, as I do many days!!!

  8. I love everything! Your table cloth is fabulous and beautiful. What I love most is your piano. I never got to learn to play as a child and I have recently started taking piano lesson. I can play a few songs now and then there are some that I am struggling with but I am learning so much. Because I have always wanted a piano, I told my husband if I learn to play you can buy me a piano. So I am looking forward to moving back to the States in a year or so and searching for my piano. Your decor is beyond fabulous. Hugs, Beverly

  9. Oh my goodness Wilma what a beautiful home and studio you have. I am in awe of all the wonderful vintage pieces. I love the Ikea drawers, Cosy Chairs, Hat Boxes, Singer, Upright Piano, it is all so warm and inviting. Also love your Shabby Royale name! Thank-you so much for showing us around. I will be back again. Karen.x

  10. Hi Wilma,
    Just love the way your workspace looks...you are very fortunate to have such a lovely space to work in. I hope you and your family are well. It seems like the holidays are sneaking right up on us. Such a busy time of year. I just wanted to say hi and send my love.
    Take care!
    Diane xoxo

  11. Deze reactie is verwijderd door een blogbeheerder.

    1. Hi Diane,
      This was a double click, so it appeared twice.
      Didn't realize this message would show up by removing :).

      Hugs, Wilma.


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