maandag 1 oktober 2012


                                       Hi everyone ,

         It's not that long ago that I wouldn't dream of going to a thrift shop
                               to look for old pieces of china .
                 I can't imagine I felt like that....! I love to go there now.
                    I'm very fortunate....... mr.B. likes to go with me : )).
                  We found our favorite places where we regularly go
                         to see if they've got some "new" old stuff .
         Sometimes it isn't even a problem when it's been broken and mended .
                              Just because the old look of it ,
                      .....or the colour...... or how it's decorated .
                             Like this cream and sugar set .
                  I like to use pieces to decorate with or make them
                                   a part in my work .
                        The little vase was my grandmother's ,
                        I can still see it standing on her table........

                    Maybe it's fun to show you some of my finds .............

Click photo to enlarge

To soften the butter you put hot water in the lid of this butterdish...........

My grandma's.......

With Love,


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  1. Beautiful finds Wilma! I love finding vintage treasures at thrift shops as well. I am always attracted to the dishes and I really don't need more. lol! But how can you pass up one that calls your name? Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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