maandag 16 december 2013

Victorian Christmas Fair 2013 3/3 (slot)

for Christmas is the time to celebrate the most
wonderful Gift ever !!!!!

Our awesome God gave to this world
His only Son


He came , our God ,
as a little baby to become a Man ,

and to give His Life for us, sinful people,
to open the way to His Father.

Believing that, we can be children of God
    and call Him our Father too.......
 Let's celebrate the birth of Christ !!!!!
and give Him Praise

for ever and ever and ever.......

                     This weekend I participated in the 'Victorian Christmas Fair'.
                         I had a great time, together with my friend Annette,
                                          assisting me on saturday,
                             and Mr. B who stood by my side on sunday.

                             Thank you so much , both of you , you know
                                         how I appreciate it !!

                           I started to prepare for this event in the first week
                          of september and made two hundred new presents.

                                     Love to show you the pictures
                                  we made of my booth this weekend




Mr.B and our son Leon  : )



                          My dear sister visited us , so happy to see her : ) !


It was a long post, but I hope you enjoyed it.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope to see you soon,

With Love, Hugs and Blessings !!!


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Wilma my first comment disappeared but I just wanted to say how beautiful you stall looked at the
    Christmas Fair. All the colours looked so rich and lush when grouped together. So much choice from the hearts, Christmas stockings, numerous beautiful boxes, sachets etc. etc.
    Everything looked so very beautiful and romantic!
    I do hope it was a success for you after the numerous hours of dedicated work you put into this!
    Nice to see the rest of your family!
    Do have a most joyful Christmas and I hope the New Year brings much happiness to you!

    1. Dear Suzy, thank you so much for your sweet encouraging comment.

      Hugs to you too !!

  2. Suzy!!!
    My Oh My!
    Such a feast for the eyes and heart!!!!
    First of all, I LOVE your costume! you look like you fit right into the period of time! I was going to say into a Charles Dickens novel, but they are so are much to happy to be one of his characters!

    Come to think of it, our lives are much like Dicken's novels, except the happy bits are even better than the ones he hide amoungst all the drama!

    I adore every square centimeter of your boot! Your Sign is so breathtaking even! It is so....YOU! i just love it! The sachets and boxes galor, I'd like one of each please!!!!! Your cakes as so sweet yet not fattening at all! I can't wait to lok at the other pictures you have posted. So much work and so many details. Your silk ribbon embroidery is just gorgeous! I tell you, I love it all!
    Got to go see everything else3!
    Hugs to you!

  3. Wilma.....I know who you are! I was looking at Suzy's comment! Yikes! so sorry!

  4. Dear Betsy,
    Don't worry, it's okay, happy to hear from you !!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I know what you mean, was writing something like....
    'being in a Charles Dickens novel', but did not...for the same depressing.... :).

    Hugs to you too,

    1. I really think his characters would be more happy in life if they focused more on the Savior! You know????

  5. Oh dear Wilma.....
    I am speachless ! Each and every item you have made is BEAUTIFUL!! I am not sure which I love the most....victorian boot stocking, covered boxes. lace hearts....each is perfection!!

    May you and your family have a blessed and merry Christmas!
    Big hugs from Atlanta, GA

  6. Wilma,I love every single piece in Your stale.If I was there and a wealthy lady I'd buy everything :)

  7. Het ziet er allemaal heel mooi en gezellig uit Wilma! Leuk om te zien, en wat leuk ook dat jullie allemaal in Dickens stijl waren verkleed. Dat maakt de sfeer helemaal af. Ik zag je lieve mail en ga 'm later beantwoorden. Sam is nu voor de vakantie thuis en ik kan me geen twee seconden achter elkaar concentreren, lol :) Veel liefs en alvast hele fijne kerstdagen gewenst!! xx Wendy


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