zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Catching up

Hello everyone,

There has been a change for me some weeks ago. A friend wants to start a shop in homedecorations and she asked me to help her. She loves to have my things in her shop...."they make the place look great" she said.
I was very happy to hear that !! I will also help her to buy the things to sell and decorate the shop.
She spends the future time to find a place to start, in the meantime I already will be busy creating my presents.
I was really surprised and happy because I always dreamed of doing something like that for myself.
My dear husband, Mr.B. :) invited me to share his workspace ( poor thing....doesn't know what he's getting into....:).
That's in our rebuild garage and I spend some time to replace all of my stuff.
Last monday I started my first project. I hope to make fifteen decorationcakes in two weeks and write about that in my blog.
I hope you will enjoy reading it.
I am sorry that it's not yet possible to react on this blog, I hope to fix that very soon.
Just this day we ( our actually Mr.B. did :) found out how to place foto's on the blog.
So that's a start.

I add some photo's of an old looking little book I made a while ago.

Hope you have a nice weekend.
see you monday.

With love, Wilma.

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