zondag 2 september 2012

My personal "Bridesbook"

Een Dagboek.....maar dan anders....

Dit boek is in de loop van de tijd al een paar keer zijdelings in beeld geweest.
Het is al meer dan een jaar geleden dat ik ermee ben begonnen. Door alles wat er gebeurde
en er steeds weer iets anders (echt) belangrijker was, is het blijven liggen.
Ik wil het gaan afmaken, maar er toch nu al iets van laten zien.
Mijn gedachte was om een heel persoonlijk soort van bewaarboek te maken voor allerlei
gedachten, teksten, herinneringen, gebeden en aantekeningen van gebedsverhoringen...enz.

Alles wat je soms ook in je Bijbeltje legt.....

It's not exactly a diary.... a very personal keepsake...
You have seen this book before on my blog. I started it over a year ago. Somany things happened
and they were very often so much more important than finishing this book
I want to pick it up again, but before I do I show you some more of what is already here.
My thougt was to create a very personal keepsake for all kind of thougts, texts, memories,
prayers and notes of answers to prayers...etc.

All the things you also keep in your Bible.....

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     With Love,



2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wilma,
    this book is SO beautiful!WHat alovely place to keep r
    otes reminding you of special answers to prayers, and personal thoughts about yiur relationship with the Lord. THe lace is a reminder that this relationship is special and exquisite. Something to take care of an watch over closely, not something to be tossed about or onlly looked at occasionally. but something to treasure and enjoy and rejoice in. The pearls remind me of the pearls of wisdomw we gain from lovingly caring for this relationship and the beautiful flowers remind me of what blooms inside me as I tend that "Garden relationship" where I continue to grow in knowledge, truth and love. The glass drops, which are gorgeous, by the way, remind me of the tears shed in sorrow and the tears shed in Gratitude and te tears shed in completely JOY and rejoicing! I LOVE THIS BOOK! I Am so glad I stumbled upon this post and book of yours. I have looked at so many that others have made and I think they are beautiful, but I couldn't really see what I would do with one. I couldn't just make it for prettiness, I would want it to be with a purpose in mind. What a beautiful purpose! I had thought about making one with pictures of Mother and grandmothers and have mother sayings in it, that made sense to me. Now, I can see making one for a friend, with a frienship theme, and one for my ddaughters about daughter, which of course would be the Mother/Daughter theme...Now you've really got me thinking! I am so excited to have a good reason to make a few! I would love to make a basic lace book with scripture and verse, about my relationship with the Lord and then have in the back a notebook that chronicles events and thoughts nad feelings that have come with them. ...and add something to the book as life goes on....Oh, the joy and love I can put into these! But it is an undertaking that will sit awhile, while I finish other plans and tasks.
    Thanks so much for sharing this Wilma, it is such a beautiful lace book, and I am inspired!
    Heart hugs to you,

  2. AND....!!! ...I have some of the same laces you do! and I also LOVE the footer at the end of your post. Such beautiful pictures! Such a beautiful YOU!!!! Glad we "met" and are bloggy friends!


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