zondag 31 maart 2013

He is Risen !!!!

                         " Why do you seek the living One among the dead

                                            He is not here,

                                      but HE HAS RISEN "...........!!!!

                                                                                       Luke 24: 5,6.

                                         .........no words for that..........


   With Love

dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Goede Vrijdag

                                        For God so loved the world

                                        that He gave His only Son

                                       that whoever believes in Him

                                             shall not perish

                                          but have eternal life .

                                          JESUS CHRIST

                                                                                  John 3: 16.   

 With Love

woensdag 13 maart 2013

My Ladies Journal

     There's a writing project I started almost two years ago,
     and I sooo wanted to finish that !!
     I have been working at it again , for several weeks now.
     It's almost done.

     In moments of rest I finished a birthday present for a friend.
     Maybe you like to see it.
     The light was a bit of a problem....... the photos were taken on two different days. 


Always love to use glass elements in my books.


     With Love,

dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Coffee, Tea and Sugar

     This morning the sun was shining and I was thinking..........
     maybe I can take a few photos of some other vintage stuff I found over the years .
     So I gathered some things I placed in the kitchen and in my studio in the attic..........
     and all other places I keep it.
     Like I said : ).........it takes me hours to get ready for just a few pictures.
     But here you go............
     I loved the old fashioned vintage tins , ( not sure how to call them in English )
     for the coffee, tea and sugar. They cost 1 euro a piece , can you imagine !!
     Very happy and surprised to find this goldcolored chocolate tin as well . 
     Always looking out for nice books and bookcovers too .
     I so love this beautiful faded green vintage office boxes with the drawers
     they were only 50 cents a piece.
     Couldn't believe it......... but was happy to take them home with me !!!
     The green old photograph album belonged to my grandmother.
     I want to use it for some future : ))) craftswork ......
     You know,......... by the time I have done all the craftswork
     I'm thinking of.............I will have greatgrandchildren !!!!
     Hope you enjoy........


     Welcome to my new followers !!!
      I'm so happy to have you , hope you'll feel at home !!

     Have a nice week everyone , thank you so much for your time..........

                                     With Love,

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Short update

     It has been a while . I am working on an other project that needs my full attention .
     Hope to finish it within some weeks .
     Sorry for not showing you pictures of craftswork ,
     just want to say that I now and again do some visiting on your blogs
     for some moments.
     But most of the time I'm too busy to take pictures and post .
     I don't know about you , but I'm always struggling : ) for many hours ,
     to make a new post for my weblog .
     Hope to be back soon and catch up with you again .

With Love,


PS. I have my laptop back, and it's working !!!

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