dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Parcel from America

                                    Hi everyone,

                         In an earlier post I told you about
             this surprise that was gifted to me by my dear friend
                                     Doni Hall.
                        From "Faith Grace and Crafts"
               I promised you to tell some more in a later post......
                It was in the weeks of our vacation , on a day
                     we were at home for just a few hours , 
                  that Mr. B entered the room with a parcel ,
                 and told me there was a very special delivery.....

              He smiled and handed it to me and there I stood......
                  with this parcel , with my adress on it....and.....
                      the name of the sender.............and.....
                                I started to cry......
                       and said to Mr. B and my son: ......
                "Doni has sent it , she actually touched this....
                     I mean......Doni held this in her hands...."
          My men looked at each other.....started to laugh and said:
                     "Yés.....of course she did..."   (duh... :) !



        My blogfriends , I'm sure you understand, (at least I hope you do : )....
         My friend in America , at the other side of the world got so REAL
              at the moment I saw and kept this gorgeous surprise.....
              and most of all.....I treasured her handwritten letter !!

                      ( Well,  dear Doni, yóu did understand.....
                  the moment I wrote you how I reacted.....LOL !!! )

         It took me so long to post this because I made the pictures
           with Mr.B's cellphone , and it was a problem to find out
                        how to transfer them to my computer .

                             Look at this gorgeousness ,....... 
                             it is so absolutely beautiful !!!!

                I was stunned when I opened this fantastic box
                             I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.....


Don't you just love the little textcards Doni added... ?!!!


Look at this wonderful white crocheted items....and the "W"... : )

Such beautiful laces in soft colors...... 
and this jewel !! 


See this little violin with the string of sparkly, shiny thingies ??!!
and this wonderful pink lace on the lid....?!

 Doni , I want you to know how I appreciate this !!!
What a gorgeous and generous gift ! 
Thank you so very, very much dear friend.
I sure can and will use this in my work !

                                                 With Love,


donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Early Christmas

                                          Hello Dear Blogfriends,

                            A few months ago I recieved an invitaion              
              to participate in the Victorian Christmas Fair again this year.
                                     I was surprised and happy to,
                                              so I signed in.
                             This means a lot of fun and hard work......
                                        to make heaps of little 
                       ( and hopefully looking"Victorian enough" )
                                    presents, to sell at my booth.
                          Started already and hope to keep you posted.....
                Here are some photo's of the generous and beautiful gifts 
           from my friend, Helena, and of the finds Truus ( living in France ), 
                               did for me at the Brocante.
                 The jewelery was gifted to me by my mother in law.

                       Thank you so much Helena, Truus and Bonnie.
                   I LOVE it !!!.....hope to create some great stuff.....



With Love,


woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Glimpse of Eternity

                                   Hello everyone,     

                 This amazing true story took my breath away,
                I saw it on YouTube and wanted to share this.
                             I hope you will find time
                                to watch this video......

                                         With Love,

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