zondag 21 juli 2013

Art in a cottage garden

                                              Hello everyone ,      

                          A very huge and warm welcome to all of my new followers
                                happy you're here , hope you'll feel at home.............

    Click photo to enlarge        

                   Last weekend , 14 july , I had the honour of being invited to participate
                                       in a............( we call it ) 'Kunstroute' .
                                      Literal translated.....an 'Art route'
                   (I don't think it's the proper word for it but you know what I mean ; )
                        It was organized by a number of 'Bed and Breakfast' owners
                                      and here is our hostess........Maria........
                        a very lovely lady. She's the mother in law of our niece Sarah,
                                              and mother of Koen.

                            The father of Sarah , my dear brother Sietze ,
                                    was also invited to play music........
                         he had his own cosy corner in this beautiful garden .
                                   It was so nice to hear him play !
                                   People enjoyed it so much and
                              some came to sit and listen for a while.

                           My other dear brother : ) ( I have three actually !! )
                                              Jan, was not there ,
                                but his artwork was shown here as well .
                                So it almost was a kind of family affair .

                                               'Staying together'


               Jan's on the photo......his statues behind him are about 3 meters high.
                                   They are huge and meaningful
                                  He was is New York with these .
                               I'm so sorry the picture is this small ,
                               I'll be back with some better photo's 
                         so you can tell what I'm trying to show you : ) 

                                                 'All is possible'

                                           There were eight adresses 
                            to  visit and see all kind of art in an exposition.
                             A shed was cleared out for me to show my work.
                                          It was so fun to place it all.........
                            Here's an impression of my wonderful day........



    I know....... it's a bit small and crowded .........
but it was so much fun......!!

                 There were about 200 visitors along the day...... it was great......
                                   a lot of respond came my way,
                           I loved to see and talk to so many women.
                            Some of them were inspired by my work ,
                                      it made me feel so happy........

                                                       Hope you enjoyed...

                                                                        With love,


donderdag 11 juli 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013


                                     Welcome to my blog !! I'm very happy to have you .

                            Thank you so much Karen Valentine at "My Desert Cottage"
                                                  for hosting this event !!!!
                                              Where Bloggers Create 2013 .
                                   It's my first time to participate  and I'm very excited !!!

                               My name is Wilma . I live in the Netherlands .
                       I started blogging two years ago , wanting to share what I like ,
                    love , adore and enjoy , and hope that others will see and feel the same ,
                                       .........and will be inspired .

               I hope you'll feel at home and enjoy the photo's of the makeover of
                                         our attic into my studio .

                      Click photo to enlarge                            

                          I will also add a few pictures of some of my creations.......... 

            We moved to this house almost eight years ago . We changed a lot already ,
                  it had a very seventies look and we like the Shabby Chic style .
                   The attic was very brown and dark . Changing it had no priority .                                  
                           We used it as a spare bedroom for years and
                            I had the laundry hanging here on rainy days .

                   But I really loved to have a room for myself............ a sanctuary
                             to create or just sit , read and think.....you know......... ,
                     a place where a girl can find herself when everything
                                     is just a little bit tooo much . 
                           So we decided to give the attic a makeover .
             It was done about a year ago, I hardly had followers at that time , so it will
                                   be new to almost everyone .
        With a huge "THANK YOU, MY LOVE" to Mr.B, my husband ,
                                   I show you the pictures.........


            At this desk (above) my father (he died in 1973) made his sermons for years ,
                                I will always keep and cherish it .

        The pendule belonged to Mr.B's grandfather , the chair at the desk comes from an
                               old Baptist Church in (I think) Rotterdam .

              The beautiful , colorful painting was made by a niece at the age of twelve .
                            I love it ( and her : ). She's a teacher now .

                            Before and after..... (ha ha)......   Poor Mr.B .....
           (I may not be on the photo's.....but I truly gave him a hand...........honest  : )

               This photo was made at the time Mr.B did all the painting outside .

       It's getting whiter and whiter...............in the little trunk I keep a lot of fabric snippets .

                     I found these four golden ceramic pots in a thriftshop ,
                  Don't know what to do with them yet , but I couldn't resist .
                    They were only 2 ,50 euro a piece , and I took them all .
                    Maybe I 'll use them as standards for my glass sculptures .
                                   ( sure hope my English is OK..... )  


               We found this beauty in a sale on internet .  Love it.....it was 10 euro
                             and  I thought it might look great in my studio .

                 I planned to alter the Ikea drawers , and the cream desk turned white.....
                          We found a huge table in a thriftshop and painted it too .

            Guess I couldn't wait to bring on my homemade cake decorations..... : ).......

              A little memory game I altered. It was a present for a friends birthday.
             I tried to find pictures that marked some important moments in her life.

                                The old sewingmachine was my dear mother's .
           I remember her sitting at it and sewing all kind of clothing for her six children .                                                She loved to do that .
                                 My mom knitted a lot as well, even for our dolls .
              She used to lay the results on the feetend of our beds in the evening ,
           while we were asleep , so we would have a lovely surprise in the morning .
                                              Such a sweet memory .
                               She's 84 now , a very strong and brave lady .

              This beautiful drawing of the little sleeping girls I found in a triftshop as well
                          I never saw something like that again.

                             A beautiful chocolatebox I once found .

               We left the old vinyl on the floor . It was OK and easy to clean .

                                    Beautiful , warm morning sunshine........

                                   The lid of a box I altered .

                                   An altered piece of vintage lace .


                          After some weeks and a wonderful job by Mr.B ,
                                         at the end of a long day.........
                                  I started decorating my new studio .

                                         The altered Ikea drawers .


                                       One of my fabricbooks .

                                          (Still some details to do ; )
        The texts are old and a gift from my grandmother to my parents at the age of
                        sixteen and seventeen , on the day they were baptized .

                 Making preparations for the Victorian Christmas Fair .


Hope you enjoyed the tour. 
  Thank you so much for your visit.

       Click "Here" to find the list of other bloggers in this event....
in the sidebar of "My Desert Cottage".
See you at your blog !!

Thanks again Karen for hosting this Blogparty.

With Love ,


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