zaterdag 6 april 2013

Webshop delay.


                        My last months were filled with a work that had to be done
                                                  ( and I enjoyed it !! )
             It takes more time than expected though..... so now I find myself in a situation
             that can get too stressful. In december last year I decided to open a webshop.
                       I still want to and am looking forward to getting things ready,
                     my son did the tecnical preparations ( Thank you so much Jac !!)
                              and all I have to do now is....... make my products,
                                   take the photo's and make my shop work.
                                             But here's my problem........

                                I can't give my attention at the fullest to both of this
                                            ( in my eyes huge ) projects

                          Finishing THIS project ánd give myself in my craftswork.
                      So therefore I told myself to think things over......and so I did
                                  .......and decided to do one thing at the time.......
                         I will finish this project I've been working at these months
                                and open my shop at a more suitable moment.

                In times of rest I do craftswork and make presents for friends and family
                        and will be sharing this on my weblog, for I will be blogging
                                            and sharing things with you.
                                      Just needed to take some pressure off !!

                                                 Hope to see you.......

                                                                        With Love,

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