vrijdag 10 juli 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my little space
in Blogland !!
First of all 
Thank you so, so much Karen Valentine
for hosting this wonderful event
The Where Bloggers Create Party 2015. 

My name is Wilma, I'm honored
that you take time to visit my blog,
to see my creative space.
This is my second time I participate,
in 2013 was my first and
if you'd like to see the make over,
by Mr.B.,
of our attic to my work space 
click Here.

Last year my Mr. B.
made a dream come true
by adding a lot of shelves
to my work table.
You see the result in the pictures
that I want to share with you. 

I'm not going to do a lot of text,
and really hope you'll feel at home :)

here we go........

                                   Above containers with things
                                            I made to sell.

                              The 'chocolate' cakes I made for centerpieces......

                                In this wicker basket I keep lots of fabric snippets,
                                       find it hard to throw them away...... :)

                                  Love to alter perfume bottles, there are some
                                   lovely friends that save their empty bottles
                                                        for me.....

                                         The book is a work in progress
                                         it contains little thriftshop finds,
                                 that I have for years and didn't know where
                                                     to put them
                                              a ' junk book ' to be....... : )
                                         Hope to show you in a later post
                                                  when it's finished........

                                   the man in the photo seems to be family,
                                          from a long looong time ago,
                                         but no one knows who he was.............
                                    well, kinda weird photo anyway  LOL               

                                  This desk with the (white) sewing machine
                                   is the one my father made his sermons at.
                                         He passed away in 1973 and I'm
                                         very happy to have this memory.

                            an other work in progress...it's an old jewelry box.....

                                     Some decoupage on the Ikea drawers....

                             This crazy quilt block is the result
                           of a CQ course I did some months ago.
                        It was given by Kathy Shaw, to see her blog
                                                click Here.       

                    Hope you enjoyed.............
                           To see all the other Blogs in the                        
                             Where Bloggers Create Party,
                               at Karen's blog click Here,
                                       and have fun !!  
                        Looking forward to visiting some very                                                             
                                      creative spaces !!

                                                                 With Love,

                          14-07-'15   I linked up with Stephanie's
                                                             "Roses of Inspiration"

                           16-07-'15  I linked up with Jann's
                                                              "Share your cup"


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