zondag 28 september 2014

Fabric Book for Doni 2/4

                                            Hello dear Blog Friends,

                     Last week I showed you the outside of the fabric book
                          I made for Doni from Faith , Grace and Crafts.
                              here are the photo's of the first six pages......

           ( some of them are made in an earlier state , so there will be missing things
                          I added later,............... sorry about that )


I made pockets . Also because I love the back of the fabric.


                            The two swans hold a little needle book.

                   Tried to personalize this pages. Doni plays the violin and I wanted
                   to show some of the Faith , Grace ( and graceful : ) and Crafts here.....


This music ( below ) goes with a little story .
I was looking for some music to go with the image
of this lovely lady . 
Found this 
on Pinterest and pinned it .
A few days later there was a comment on this pin .
It was from Doni , who told me that she won her scolarship
with playing this particular music .
Can you believe that !!!!

                 Made two tags to go with the book. There will be some pockets left
                                       when they have been taken out .


                                       To be continued......

                                        Hope you enjoyed.......

                                                                     With Love,


zaterdag 20 september 2014

Fabric Book for Doni 1/4

                                                  Hi everyone,
               This post is about a project I 've been working on and finally finished .
                        It is a fabric book I made for my dear friend Doni at
                                         Faith , Grace and Crafts .
                                ( Click here to see her beautiful blog)

                              Thought you might like to see the photo's .

                      I decided to show you the outside of the book this week ,
                          and later on , in parts , the inside with some details , 
                          so there will be a few posts like a continuing story......



                                   and some pictures of the first two pages............

                                            To be continued.......                                       

                                            Hope you enjoyed.......

                                                               With Love,

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