woensdag 28 januari 2015

Green velvet and fabric flowers

                                             Hello my dear Blog sisters !!

                                   A very warm welcome, especially to all of my
                                               NEW FOLLOWERS.....

                                        I'm so happy you decided to sign up
                                         and join me on my Blog journey !!
                                        Hope to be good company so you
                                          will feel at home in my space
                                                     in Blogland.

                          If you're visiting from the GROW YOUR BLOG PARTY
                                            click HERE to read my post.

                                 Today I want to show you two boxes I altered.
                                   A wooden oval that I found in a thrift shop,
                                   and a little cheese box of the laughing cow.

                                    It is so fun to make something special of
                             things that otherwise would have been thrown away.....

                                        I finally finished this wooden box .
                                            I made the lid ages ago and
                                                shared it on my blog ,
                                but could never come to finish the whole thing ,
                               there were a lot of other items I wanted to make......... : )
                               now here's the end result and I'm so glad I can
                                                  display it properly...........

                                             Before and after.............

                                Hope you enjoyed.......................

                       Isn't it wonderful to have this great Grow Your Blog Party ?
                                   I enjoy it so much, to meet other women ,
                            who share their life , stories and creative adventures.....
                                     I'm off to see more , make some friends 
                                                  and have fun..........

                                                               With Love ,
                                                                       Wilma .

zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Grow Your Blog Party 2015

                                            Hello Everyone !!

                                          Welcome to my Blog.
                                     So hope you'll feel at home
                            and enjoy the Grow your Blog Party 2015

                          First of all a huge THANK YOU VICKI !!!!
                                           from '2 Bags full'
                              for hosting this party for the third time .
                        For all your many hours and the work you did ,
                                        to make this happen .
                           I'm very excited to join it again this year.
                             What a wonderful chance for all of us
                          to get to know more friends with their blogs .
                          You can find Vicki's adventures : ) and art blog
                                           '2 Bags full' Here.
                           My name is Wilma . I live in the Netherlands .
                    Am happily married for 40 years now ,to my dear,...Mr.B .
                              ( read a little story about us Here ).

                      We have two great sons , a lovely daughter-in-law,
                          and two adorable grandsons of six and four .

We woke up with snow this morning............. : )

                        (see more pics of the guys and our garden Here ).
                                 We love to have them with us and
                                   we're so lucky they live nearby.
                                     I started blogging in 2011.
                          Once I'd seen so many beautiful blogs I just
                            couldn't wait to learn to manage my own .
                       I love to share my creative interests with others.
                                         If you click Here
                                   you can read why I called
                                my blog "SHABBY ROYALE"

                                    This is my studio in the attic...........

                          You can see all about the ' attic-make-over ' Here
                            I love to craft and make personalized presents .
                               Especially for weddings ( in the family : ),
                        using vintage materials that I find in thrift shops , like
                      lace , fabric , broken jewelery , glass and metal ornaments ,
                                boxes , ( perfume ) bottles and old books .

                          Pictures of some recent finds and a Brides Book ,
                                   followed by some altered boxes  ...............

             To read the post and see a lot of photo's of this Brides Book click Here


                              You'll find a post with more photo's Here

                       ......another wedding gift.......    

                             Click Here to see the post and more pictures.

                      ........a bottle I made for the Victorian Christmas Fair.
                                to see more pictures of this event click Here............                              
                     I used led , a part of the label and glass on top of that ,
                                         at the foot of the bottle.........

                       Some years ago I started making fabric / lace cakes
                                             and cake stands .
                           I like to use them as a table centerpiece and
                                           love to make them .

                                          So have some cake............. : ).

             Blogging brought good things in my life. I can travel all over the world .
                      See so many things of beauty, and share joy with all the
                                  lovely dear friends I met in Blog land .
                                   I'm getting to know them better and
                              chat with them . It makes my happy to know
                              that everywhere are children of God that are
                                close to each other and one in the Lord
                                        (  no matter were we live )
                                        through the Holy Spirit.


                        Hope you enjoyed...........see you at your blog !!!

               To find the list of over 400 bloggers that participate in the
                   'GROW YOUR BLOG PARTY 2015' click Here    
                                  Thank you again , Vicki !!
                                                                        With Love,

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