woensdag 26 februari 2014

White Silk

                                                Hi everyone ,

                    This week I 'd like to share a piece I finished some time ago.
                        Something rather different from what I usually do.
                             Last summer I found this wonderful white silk
                                         that I could not resist : ).

                               My first project with it is this bridal purse........
                                        or pearly, lacy kind of wrap.......
                                     Anyway.........here are some pictures,

                                 Maybe you can tell me what it's called  : )......



Hope you enjoyed............ see you next week .

 With Love ,

maandag 17 februari 2014

Pearl in Gold

                                     Hello Dear Blogfriends ,

                                  To all of my new followers..... 
                                a very WARM WELCOME !!
                              So Happy you decided to sign in !
                                      Thank you so much .
                                  I hope you'll feel at home !!

Today I want to share this present I finished last week .
It's for a book ( journal ), my cousin was gifted with , by her husband .
She asked me to make a wrap and I was happy to !

My cousin Willy and I as children ,
( same age and both named after our grandmother Willemina : ) 
sometimes stayed with an aunt and uncle during the summer.
This uncle was a musician and we loved to sing while he played the music .
He played the church organ for decades .

My uncle died over 30 years ago and my aunt will be 91 next month .
One of the books he used a lot are the songs of Johannes de Heer .
I know......it's almost a sin to cut pieces out of a book like this.......
but I did ........just this tiny weeny snippet.......

This song is about the (hidden) Pearl of great value......
being the Kingdom of God.....
Matt. 13 : 46 .

I used it for the glass bookmark ,
as a sweet memory.

This music is not from the book , 
Just couldn't .......

( It's from a sheet of music I found : ) .


Hope you enjoyed.

With Love,

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