woensdag 6 april 2016

Introspection......... :)

                                           Hello my dear Blogfriends .

                                           It has been a long time........
                                        2015 was a hard year for me.
                                      There were a lot of health issues ,
                                         so the best thing to do was
                                      withdraw, take a rest and do some

                                        I 've been thinking a lot about
                                         the best way to use my time .
                           Having a weblog is wonderful , and I really enjoy it ,
                                       but , for me , it will be too much 
                  if I would be back with my "Shabby Royale" the way it used to be ,
                             and to keep up with all of your beautiful blogs .

                        I wanted to let you know the reason of the silence
                in my place , and why it probably will be like this in the future .
                 My blog will stay for now , not sure what to do with it yet ,
                   and in this way I hope to visit your blogs now and again : ).

                                           THANK YOU ALL

                     for being a follower or visitor , for your time , visits and
                           all of your sweet and encouraging comments !!
           It was so good to have friends here and to share the love for creating !!
                   I have learned a lot from you and I thank you for sharing
                   all of your beautiful and inspiring creations on your blogs ,
                                          but most of all for your

                                        INSPIRING WORDS.

                                 I feel sad writing this , but I know
                             it 's the right decision to spend less time
                             on the internet and focus on other things .


                       "May God hold you in the palm of His Hand" !!!
                                                                           With Love ,
                                                                                      Wilma .


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Sweet and precious friend, how I have missed your beautiful presence in the blogging community, but I completely understand your need for silence. Please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers and that is where you will remain, dear friend.

    Much love to you, dear one!

  2. Dear Wilma,
    How well I can understand the need to step back and take a break from the blogging world! If this thing in my hand...a computer...did not exist, I would undoubtedly finish much more work, many more projects, and have much more time! We will miss seeing your projects and crafts, but oh I just know the relief will be worth it! Many hugs to you, and blessings from God is my prayer.
    Much love,

  3. Wilma,I completely understand. I too have been silent since before Christmas. Not for health reasons, but because I now work full time and with keeping up the home and not having extra energy, I haven't blogged. You will be missed. I was happy to meet a Dutch friend, a Christian at that. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. Blessings to you my friend! Diane

  4. Thank you for your sweet update. One has to take "special" time when we need it.
    Have so much enjoyed the visits..and God Blessings to You.

  5. Dear Wilma,
    I have been thinking of you and missing you but I completely understand how necessary it is to take a step back.....I know myself I have been away from the blog world. I hope you and your family are well. I love all your creations and will miss them but please stay in touch. You are one of the dear friends I have on the internet. Try not to be sad....your friends are here when you need support. Take care of yourself and may you receive many blessings. God bless you and yours!
    Diane xoxo

  6. Dear Wilma,
    It was so good to hear from you. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad to know that you're well. Your sweet spirit will be missed very much as well as your lovely creations, however, I certainly understand your need for slowing down. You're right in line with so many others; I know several who have done as you've decided to do. Including myself. Be blessed, Dear friend.

    Warm wishes,
    Tamara <3

  7. Dear Wilma,
    I LOVE that we have connected over the internet and I love the friendship we have developed.I have not blogged as much either and I understand your reasons completely. There are so many good things to be involved in, and we must each decide what the best things for ourselves to do are. No one can make that choice for us. But you are and will be in my heart. I love your style, it feels like home to my heart, as you feel like a sister in Christ. Thank YOU, for your encouragement and love for the Lord, that you have shared with me. for sharing your creative talents and for reaching out to us in friendship and love. I will still visit your blog, even though you may not see me here, I love looking at your creations!
    we will keep in touch in other ways,
    Thank you so much for all you have shared with me!
    hugs and bloggy love,

  8. Dearest Wilma, I have not been blogging much either until recently. We were away in South Korea and we returned to America last May. I have been trying to catch up with everyone and tonight I decided to visit you. I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to have met you and to enjoy the things you have shared. I will miss you now that I am back blogging, however, I totally understand when life takes a turn and our energies are needed elsewhere. Please take very good care fo yourself and know that we are thinking of you here in blogland. Love and hugs dear sweet lady, Beverly

  9. Hello, Wilma!
    Thinking of you and hoping all is well!! i love looking at the picture and sachet you sent me, I think of you every time I see it! hugs and love,


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