woensdag 13 mei 2015

The Living Room Redo, a Doily Tablecloth and My Old Piano........


                                             Hello my dear Blog Sisters ,

                           Today I'd like to show you one of my latest projects,
                                            and a bit of the change we're
                                                  working on in our
                                                      living room .

                         Over a year ago , I told you that we were not that happy
                               with all the white in the room , simply too much.....
                                                      to our taste .
                            To read a post about the start of our redo click Here.

                                So we decided to add some darker elements ,
                           and started with the wall ( behind the beautiful painting
                                      by our son , it is there temporarily )
                                     and painted it a tone of sage green.

                         The brick wall was next..........here's a photo I made
                      on a winter's night , but it will give you an impression .

                             I 'm sure you can picture me lounging and
                                          surfing the internet : ).

                          The photo's of this abandoned apartment in Paris
                                       very much inspired me.......
                             I just love this combination of colors.........

                          The lace on the lampshade is a gold colored table cloth
                                  I luckily found in a thrift shop ( where else : ) .
                              The pillow cases are from vintage fabrics and match
                                         the colors in the globe picture.
                          We chose this picture because Mr.B. was a geometrician
                                             and the colors of course....... : ).
                             All in all I wanted to add something more masculine ,
                              considering all the lace my dear one has to look at........


                        A dark floor was a long-held desire of my Mr. B : ).
                        But a dark floor and a dark dining table and chairs....
                                    was again a bit too much , sooo.....
                                   there we found our selves painting
                                  something WHITE again......HaHa....


                                       I know !!
            you must think : ....."Why do these people drag around
                             their furniture all the time....... ???                                                                                                             and what is Mr. B. up to.... ?? "                                              
                                   Well there's a simple reason                                                                                   
                        we have a Winter and Summer formation : )
                     and I took pictures in the middle of some moves......
                     but since we isolated the ceiling in the back room
                            we can also be there in the winter.....: )) !
                                        So there you are......... ; )
                           ( Little thing is that in that way we can't
                         sit on the couch in front of the wood stove
                             hmmmm.....what can we do about that......? )
                        ( more about picture above later in this post ).
                       Now here's one of my latest projects
                       A table cloth I made of vintage doilies....
                         I like the 'Shabby Chic' feel it has,
                       together with the table and chairs now.....

                                 here are some photo's...
                   The beautiful flowers are a Mother's Day gift
                            from son # 2 and my d-i-l  !

                                    My desire was a piano , just to look at
                                       and as a great addition to the room .

                                  I found one on the internet for only 25 Euro ,
                                ( see.....how good it is to surf on the internet ; )  ?!
                                           it was not far from our town......
                                  and yes , my dear , sweet Mr. B. volunteered.....

                                            Thank you so much , my love !!

                                                   and here it is......

                                                  "My old piano....."

                                            Hope you enjoyed......

                         " May God hold you in the palm of His Hand "      
                                                                     With Love,

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