zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Altered Single Plates Suitcase


                                           Hello my dear Blogsisters ,


                               The whole month of August I have been so busy.........
                           On the 30 st our niece Ruth married her prince Martijn
                         and I wanted to make them a present with a personal touch .

                                  It took me some time to think of something.....
                                and I hope they will like what I came up with.
                       You don't see these very often ........but when I see them in
                    a thriftshop.....I know they're mine and bring them home with me

                                        PLATES SUIT CASES..........!!!!

                               I absolutely love them !!!!! Seeing that great Bow
                                    when they open.......Soooo beautiful......!!!!

                                It has room for 20 records and I left 10
                                       of the compartments empty ,
                              to hold all kind of their own ' ephemera ',
                                 they may like to keep in this suitcase .

                                In stead of old record sleeves I made 10
                                         new cardstock envelopes .
                    Inside each of them I made one other little card and two tags.
                                     I wanted to create a lot of room
                            for photographs , and this is where they can go .



                         Ruth and Martijn both have 5 personal envelopes
                      starting at both ends and they grow towards eachother .
                          The very first are dedicated to their grandparents ,
                                         followed by their parents ,
                                the babyphoto's of the Bride and Groom.......

                           Growing up to meet eachother, see the Valentine
                                  in the collage and in the middle I made
                                      room for their Wedding pictures.

                                            Hope you enjoy !!!!

                       Click photo to enlarge.....



                                             For the fronts of the
                             envelopes I created 10 collages with images
                                           I found at the weblogs
                          that I mention in the sidebar of my blog...Freebies...
                        ( I 'm so sorry........I made a mistake some years ago
                            in naming my downloads and now I don't know
                                which image came from what weblog.... : ((
                           But all the Freebie Blogs I visited are mentioned .


With Love,

donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Finished Sepia Album

                               Pfffffff, ....... finally ....I sure hope you're not
                                      bored already with this album.........

                                  You saw some pictures of it in the past : ) ,
                              but I really wanted to show you the photo's of
                                            the book now it's done .
                                         To see my studio in
                            " WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE 2013 "
                                             click 'HERE'                             
                                This book holds some of the sepia photo's
                                     of my grandparents of  father's side .
                            My dear granddad and -mom Sietze and Jantje .
                         They had five children (my father was their firstborn)
                                          and got 23 grandchildren.

                                      Although it took me some time ,
                  (I had to put it aside many times to do more important things : )
                   it was a lot of fun making this . I printed the photo's on fabric
                             and used a lot of tea and coffee dyed lace .
                          There's some very old lace and bridal lace too .

                    You know I often use glass and pearls from broken jewelry....
                   the beautiful clasp came from a necklace that was given to me
                       by Maria's mother- in- law, and so were a lot of pearls.
                                       Thank you so much oma !!!! 
                              There also are some gorgeous old laces
                              that were sent to me by my friend Doni !!!!
                       You know her from..... and can find her "HERE" at
                                       'Faith Grace and Crafts' 
                      Thank you so much Doni, you are such a dear friend
                                  you know how I appreciate it !!
                          I will tell more about this gift in an other post..... !!
                                            I hope you enjoy...........

Clck photo to enlarge                               




                                   The photo's of my two aunts are not sharp,
                       maybe I replace them if I find some better way to enlarge,
                                       or maybe this is as good as it gets.
                            I didn't want to leave them out ,....... they're so cute.
                                            Love the hairribbons..... !!

                           I love this photo, with the moms that took a walk
                                           and picked some flowers.....

                           People in those days were taking it very serieus
                                 when their picture was made , I think .
                              There's hardly a smile, even in this setting...........
                              while my grandma had a very joyful heart.........
                              she's the one with the flowers on the pram......

                (ofcourse I don't underestimate the time my grandparents were living in........
                         very very troubled...and a lot of hard and heavy work.....)
                                 It was this heart that pulled her through........!!!


                          The last photo is of the first son on his way to his bride.....
                                               My parent's weddingday .
                               Their weddingpicture is in the top of my sidebar
                                                   'Jaap and Jannie'.....

                                Next item to finish is 'My Personal Bridesbook' :  ).....

                                             See you next week,

                                                                     With Love,

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