donderdag 1 augustus 2013

Bridal centerpiece

                                      Hello dear blogfriends ,

                         Some weeks ago I found a couple of glasspieces
                                      like this in a thriftshop .
                                 I love to use glass in my work .......
                                     and an idea popped up........
                                 So I made this bridal creation .
    Click photo to enlarge
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                      " WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE 2013 "


                            The two cream pieces in it are vintage collars .
                             Did not dye them , the colors are original .
                              The one that goes all around is frivolité
                         done by my dear aunt Mini........years and years ago .
                                     Thank you so much sweetie !!


              ( The pearls were added by me , a lot of the pearls I used are vintage ,
                          from broken jewelry , so are the hearts of the flowers ).
                               The other collar ( at the side with the shells ),
                                  was a gift from a very dear paintingfriend .
                                         Thank you so much Betty !

                               Took some pictures of it at the 'Artshow ' as well

                       My niece was a dear to lend me the bridesbook to show it .
                                              Thank you Thirza !



Don't you just love the vintage veil? It was given to me by Wil ,
                                   the very sweet neighbour of Maria  .
( Maria is the hostess of the 'Bed and Breakfast' and the 'Artshow ' )

Actually Wil surprised me by giving me the dress and
the hairpiece as well........
  and  I was absolutely stunned when she told me 
I could also have four other beautiful vintages dresses .
Isn't that amazing ?!!
I will show them to you in another post .
Thank you so very much Wil........!!!!!!
I just love them , and hope to use them or just display and enjoy !!!

Of course I will leave the veil as it is .

Here's a little close up..........

Next week I hope to show you all the pages 
of the 'Sepia album'  I finally finished .
The second page is the header of my blog .

                               See you next time , have a beautiful day !!

                                                With Love ,
                                                           Wilma .

                                            .........on March 3 2015
                                    Thank you so much Stephanie !!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful piece! Any bride would love to own this. You are a very talented lady. I am so glad I found your blog. Blessings, Martha

  2. Wilma!!! That is the most beautiful creation ever!!!!
    I love all of the beautiful details..all of the pearls and lace and how smart of you to think to use the glass as a base!!! And your dear aunt..what beautiful work she did too. Another family effort!

    Just so beautiful...and your blog and pictures..always a treat!
    Hugs to you dear,

  3. Sometimes I just feast my eyes on beauty, and this gorgeous piece I almost ate! Wilma, this is lovely! Of course the pearls and laces, but the hues of whites and aged richness.....oh how yummy! Lovely job!!
    Hope you are well!

  4. Wilma,
    Just exquisitely beautiful.... I love your eye for creating things. I still want to do a cake!
    I am redoing rooms, painting and moving furniture and take sso much time! I have helped with tow weding receptions lately and I may blog about those. but with family coming next week...
    Cooking, singing, playing, eating, and maybe some creating will happen, Not sure!
    Someday I will be organized and create!
    Hugs to you,

  5. O mijn hemel, wat prachtig allemaal Wilma! Zo mooi met al dat kant in combinatie met de parels. En ook de kleuren zijn zo mooi. Bovendien heb je het zo mooi verwerkt en gecombineerd allemaal. Voor een koninklijke bruiloft in een schitterend paleis, zou ik zo zeggen. Dikke knuffel, Wendy

  6. I am so a pearl and vintage lace kind of girl.. so you know I am drooling over here at your gorgeous creation! How wonderful that you know the story behind the pieces that you use. With your talent, no wonder your friend gave you four more dresses. She knew you were the right person to take them and create something even more fabulous!

  7. Very beautiful! I love the brides book...of course! I have my wedding dress..not so vintage, but I keep thinking I should cut it and use the lace and trims etc in my books, but just can't make myself cut it! It doesn't have memories much other than I looked so good in it, but I still can't cut it. I am thinking I can cut my veil as it isn't anything special...netting with lace on the I think I will cut that and use that in my grand daughters fabric memory books I am making for them. But your work is gorgeous...thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Forgot to mention, I visited from Enchanting Rose linky party!

  9. You make such lovely things. So very pretty.

  10. Thank you so much, sweet friend, for sharing this lovely creation at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  11. Oh my another beautiful creation, such lovely details!!

  12. Hi sweet friend! I wanted to you let you know your gorgeous bridal centerpiece has been featured at Roses of Inspiration. Thank you for sharing, dear Wilma, and I hope you join us again! Hugs to you!


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