zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

My first Doily Book

                                    Hello my dear Blog sisters  : )

                     Last week I posted about my adventure in Limburg .
                      Today I want to share one of the things I made
                                         for this occasion .

                         On You Tube I saw some lovely Doily Books
                                just had to try and make one myself......

                    Doni, I'm sure you'll recognize some of the beautiful
                   things you sent me.........most of the pink goodies : ) !!
                                Thank you again, dear friend ......

                                  This little butterfly I had for years,
                       it sat on an antique Christmas decoration that broke,
                                   but I couldn't let the butterfly go.
                               At last I found it a new place to stay : )

                             The pretty Victorian Lady was gifted to me
                                    by a very dear, supportive friend ,
                            who's always looking out for things I can use
                                             in my creations.
                                    Thank you so much Yvonne... !!!
                           I think it's the most wonderful place for her.....
                                         admiring the butterfly..... !!!!!

                                   Thank you so much for your visit,
                                             I hope you enjoyed.....

                     In our house we're still busy to redo and bring some color
                                  in the living room.....hope to post soon
                                               to share with you..............

                                                             With Love,
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