zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

My first Doily Book

                                    Hello my dear Blog sisters  : )

                     Last week I posted about my adventure in Limburg .
                      Today I want to share one of the things I made
                                         for this occasion .

                         On You Tube I saw some lovely Doily Books
                                just had to try and make one myself......

                    Doni, I'm sure you'll recognize some of the beautiful
                   things you sent me.........most of the pink goodies : ) !!
                                Thank you again, dear friend ......

                                  This little butterfly I had for years,
                       it sat on an antique Christmas decoration that broke,
                                   but I couldn't let the butterfly go.
                               At last I found it a new place to stay : )

                             The pretty Victorian Lady was gifted to me
                                    by a very dear, supportive friend ,
                            who's always looking out for things I can use
                                             in my creations.
                                    Thank you so much Yvonne... !!!
                           I think it's the most wonderful place for her.....
                                         admiring the butterfly..... !!!!!

                                   Thank you so much for your visit,
                                             I hope you enjoyed.....

                     In our house we're still busy to redo and bring some color
                                  in the living room.....hope to post soon
                                               to share with you..............

                                                             With Love,

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Just lovely!! I love lace and doilies too! So delicate and pretty!

  2. Wilma you have created the sweetest little lace book of women here and embellished it all so beautifully with your satin roses, butterflies, buttons and of course the ceramic doll on the cover.
    Such beautiful work!
    warm hugs,

  3. Wilma, I don't think I have seen a doily book, it is so pretty! I am working on a lace book, which will include doilies, but I love the idea of the doilies with the pictures! wouldn't that be a wonderful Familly History project using ancestor pictures? I may try that! hugs to you, friend!

  4. Wilma, dear you have been so busy!! What gorgeous doily books! The detail is wonderful, and I love to see that you have put the bits to use so prettily. Just so lovely! I saw them just now on pinterest and popped over real quick. Wow. It makes me want to go inyo my craft room and pull out all my doilies to start making one! You are so creative! Those are so beautiful. Great job on them all. And big hugs to you!!

  5. Hi Wilma,
    I just love your doily book....they are absolutely gorgeous!! I'm in love with the beautiful Vintage pictures. I try to incorporate them in my work also. So happy to see you in blogland.... Nice to know that you are so busy creating!!
    Warmest regards,

  6. I found this on pinterest and followed it here. What a beautiful book! All of the materials you used were just gorgeous! I love it!


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