donderdag 12 maart 2015

Altered canvas/Wall hanging

                                         Good day to you my Blog friends ,

                         This morning while Mr.B and I were enjoying our coffee,
                               we saw how many signs of Spring we already
                                      have in our garden and I took some
                                            pictures to share with you.

                            In my last post I told you about my preparations
                           for my booth at the Victorian Christmas Fair 2015.
                                    It's my intention to keep you posted 
                                        and to share what I'm up to.
                             My dream is to make all of the products I sell.
                            I never realized I like Victorian, until I saw some
                            very beautiful creations in several Victorian shops
                         on the Internet. And when the owner of the wonderful                                     
                                in Zeijen asked me in 2012 to join her Fair
                       I started to ask myself two things.....what is Victorian Style
                                and do I have my own style......and if so
                                           can I combine those ?
                            For I'd love to have a little Victorian gift shop
                         on the Christmas Fair....and I'd love to find myself
                                   in what I do. So that's my journey
                                   I hope to share with you this year.                                         
                         I have been thinking a lot of what I would like to see
                                      standing before a booth that says.........
                                      "Hand/Homemade Victorian gifts".
                    Don't you immediately think 'The Paradise' or 'Mr. Selfridge' ??
                                I know I do.............Have a lot to do now and
                                   hope to catch the feel I'm looking for......

                      So here's again my work table........I've learned that a lot
                            of you Ladies like to see some of the process of
                                   making and I do : ).
                        It's not like a tutorial, just some shots to get the picture,
                         followed by two wall hangings I made this week............  
 Click Photo to enlarge.


                         Hope you enjoyed , see you next week !

                                          With Love,

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donderdag 5 maart 2015

Victorian-like Pendants

                                           Hello dear Blogfriends ,
                                          I hope you're doing well !

                           Last week I've been busy making preparations
                            for a project , that will take me a lot of time .
                        So I have to take a deep breath and have to be quite
                               patient. Last year I did not participate in
                                       the Victorian Christmas Fair............
                          ( Yep, that's right , it's about the Christmas Fair : )
                                  This year I will, and I promised myself
                                  to take my time and give my 'products'                                                                         some more details.

         Click the photo to enlarge

                                So I started to make some Victorian-like
                            pendants . I used to sell this little jewelry boxes ,
                               but wasn't happy selling them without content.
                                   They may be all right......but empty........
                                    so here I go on my first attempt.......
                           While looking for a decor to take the pictures ,
                            this box came to mind and again there's a little
                                 story. I found it in our local thriftshop .
                            There were maybe over a hundred of this boxes .
                               I was curious what was in them and asked
                                        the owner what they were............

                        This little mushroom , eggcup , kind of thingies are made
                      in the end of World War 2, I think in the Netherlands ,
                         in a button factory. They were made of the waste ends
                                    of the deer antlers , right on the head .
                                  The buttons were made out of the antler.
                 ( Maybe I have to apologize for my English.........I'm not always sure
                        if I say things the right way , but I hope you understand ,
                        my English will not get any better than this I'm afraid : ).
                       The factory had run out of material and people used their
                  imagination to try to sell stuff.... and this is what they came up with !

                                       I absolutely LOVE the ............... : )))

                                  and here's my problem , I don't have a clue
                             what they are.......and neither did the shop owner.
                                       It was a bit funny and I think
                                  I have to use my imagination as well .........
                         I thought it was a very interesting story and was happy
                                              to have found them .
                           I find it almost a kind of offending to alter them
                                   into pincushions don't you..... ???
                              Anyway.........they're lovely for my photo's .
                         ( Don't you love the idea of the wrapping paper
                            being that old !? It is great for making tiny roses )

                     Now I'd like to share with you what I had on my worktable............
                     I used little crystal beads and glass pearls .

                         Here's the result.................and a better look on the cups............                  
                  I hope you enjoyed...............  

                                                        With Love , Wilma.

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                                     Thank you so much, Stephanie !!
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