zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Altered Single Plates Suitcase


                                           Hello my dear Blogsisters ,


                               The whole month of August I have been so busy.........
                           On the 30 st our niece Ruth married her prince Martijn
                         and I wanted to make them a present with a personal touch .

                                  It took me some time to think of something.....
                                and I hope they will like what I came up with.
                       You don't see these very often ........but when I see them in
                    a thriftshop.....I know they're mine and bring them home with me

                                        PLATES SUIT CASES..........!!!!

                               I absolutely love them !!!!! Seeing that great Bow
                                    when they open.......Soooo beautiful......!!!!

                                It has room for 20 records and I left 10
                                       of the compartments empty ,
                              to hold all kind of their own ' ephemera ',
                                 they may like to keep in this suitcase .

                                In stead of old record sleeves I made 10
                                         new cardstock envelopes .
                    Inside each of them I made one other little card and two tags.
                                     I wanted to create a lot of room
                            for photographs , and this is where they can go .



                         Ruth and Martijn both have 5 personal envelopes
                      starting at both ends and they grow towards eachother .
                          The very first are dedicated to their grandparents ,
                                         followed by their parents ,
                                the babyphoto's of the Bride and Groom.......

                           Growing up to meet eachother, see the Valentine
                                  in the collage and in the middle I made
                                      room for their Wedding pictures.

                                            Hope you enjoy !!!!

                       Click photo to enlarge.....



                                             For the fronts of the
                             envelopes I created 10 collages with images
                                           I found at the weblogs
                          that I mention in the sidebar of my blog...Freebies...
                        ( I 'm so sorry........I made a mistake some years ago
                            in naming my downloads and now I don't know
                                which image came from what weblog.... : ((
                           But all the Freebie Blogs I visited are mentioned .


With Love,

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Wilma!!!
    What an awesome and lovely project!!! I just love how you used so many pictures of the past along with the present and made such a wonderful gift for them! Oh wow, they are going to be so excited about that gift! And to think they and their children and their grandchildren will always see that gift as a part of their lives and heritage!! What a precious gift of love you have made!!!
    I saw the pictures of it on Pinterest first and just knew you had blogged!! LOVE IT!!!
    Hope you and yours are doing very well. We are at the hottest days of our season and know that by the end of September the worst will be over.
    Many hugs to my dear sister in Christ,

  2. Oh my goodness Wilma you have put your whole heart into this creation for Ruth and Martyn with this to be treasured wedding gift. I have never seen a case like that before but isn't it a wonderful idea for storage of photos and ephemera And your collages for them to file are so very beautiful.
    A true work of art that you should be so proud of!
    It's stunning! Your creations are nothing less than that each one you have shared with us here.
    Keep creating such beauty!
    Thank you also for your kind comment left on my blog!

  3. Wilma......
    This just takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes... What a thiughtful aunt you are! I am amazed at your details, i have never seen one of these cases before either, i dont think.... I have old books that held records, but not a case, i want to make something like these for my family members. What a fascinating work of art and love and family history... Oh, i long to have more things from my grandparents homes, but that is not a possibility since they have been gone a long time... But I do have pictures.
    This is a work and gift of love from hou to your niece... You are amazing!!!!
    Hope all is well with you!

  4. Dear Wilma,
    That is not only beautifully done, it is so thoughtful and romantic! What a great idea!I love that they can grow towards each other! I love that!

    Also thank you SO very, very much for the sweet pinterest board and also dear for the vote!!

    Thank you hugs, hugs, hugs!

  5. Leuk koffertje heb je gemaakt en het boekje wat erbij hoort ook zo leuk!
    Wij hebben de pipowagen niet meer, vandaar dat je hem niet meer kon vinden.

    Groetjes Janny

  6. Leuk koffertje heb je gemaakt en het boekje wat erbij hoort ook zo leuk!
    Wij hebben de pipowagen niet meer, vandaar dat je hem niet meer kon vinden.

    Groetjes Janny

  7. Hi Wilma: Was this a kit or did you create it in your head? It is amazing. I a scrapper too. I love this. I am going to study it to see if I can make something similar, if that is ok with you? Let me know please. Thanks, Martha

  8. Wilma, this is the most heartfelt present one could receive! What a charming idea and one that serves a purpose for the bride and groom. I have not seen these plate cases and I'm so thankful for the education. To have repurposed in it such a fashion makes me smile! And I know they will treasure this for years! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh my, what a wonderful wonderful wedding gift, dear Wilma!! Such a great idea! Fantastic work!!!
    Lieve groetjes, Viola :)

  10. What a positively gorgeous keepsake project you created for your beautiful niece and her husband! It is obvious that you put a lot of imagination and time into the creation of this lovely case. This is so very special and this lovely couple will be proud to own such a wonderful and useful object. You are marvelously talented and it is truly a beautiful object of art. Thanks so much for sharing this special gift!

  11. Hi dear,
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Hugs from the south,

  12. Wilma, how did you make the lovely envelopes? Please, please share your how-to.

  13. This is gorgeous, Wilma! I love everything you make, but this one is definitely among the top three :)

    You are so very gifted and talented, my friend. Hugs to you!

  14. Oh my talk about gorgeous! I love what you did and the case is such a fabulous find! I love the accordion insides I would love to run across something like this! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. This is the most amazing, thoughtful wedding gift I have ever seen. So beautifully done! What a lovely keepsake for them to enjoy for years to come! I have not ever come across such a case but I will definitely keep my eyes open for one now. Thank you for posting this for all of us to see.


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