vrijdag 18 januari 2013

"Grow Your Blog" Party 2013

"Shabby Royale".......

     Hi everyone,

     A warm welcome to my blog. So happy you're taking time to visit.
     Thank you so much Vicki  for hosting this party to grow our blogs and frienships !!!

     I decided to explain in this post ,in short ,the name "Shabby Royale",
     that sounds a bit French too.
     My name is Wilma, I'm almost 59, married for 38 years now.
     I'm mother of two sons and grandmother of two lovely, little boys.
    Was raised  in a (Baptist)preachersfamily, and second of six children.

     I love the "Shabby chic" style. Love to craft in many ways ,
     altering and mixed media art and making the first steps .

     One of my first projects was the altering of two cobalt bottles in shabby chic style
     and because of the "crownjewel" I decided to call them "Shabby Royale".
     The French "Royale" is because I like the pronunciation ,and
     I wanted the name to start with............ "Shabby".

     In Dutch you say "royaal" also when you have a lot of.............what ever..........anything.
     So here was ......a lot of shabby......."Shabby Royale".
     Does that sound to complicated ,I hope not ,
     for my English doesn't get any better then this ,I'm afraid : ).

    There's another meaning to this .  I discovered that it stands for my own life.

     I have been ,deep down in , living in the "shabby".
     Not knowing myself or what to do with myself.
     It really took me a lot of time to find out the bottem of my soul.
     (read a bit more on post Broken and Healed... newyears eve 2012).
     Psalm 118.
     In guidance of the Holy Spirit ,Who came in my life through Jesus Christ
     in august 1982 ,step by step I found myself and learned to know myself.

     In all "shabbyness" I found the "Royal" way to BE and to LIVE.

     I learned to ENJOY too..............and that is what my blog , for me , is all about.

     To enjoy life in its beauty ,and relationships..... with all my senses.
     My creativity ,that was blocked for atleast 16 years ,came back !!
     and so I decided to start blogging , ........to share...........

     I hope you'll sense this in the things you see and read on my blog and .......


     Here's the image I now use following other blogs.
     It's from a picture with my older sister when I was four/five years old.

Hope you'll feel at home ! I look forward visiting you on your blogs.

With Love,

28 opmerkingen:

  1. Wilma, what a wonderful post! I love how you named your blog, and I love that you shared the personal YOU with us. That blue bling has my eyes popping!! SO pretty!!!
    Hugs to you and blessings,

  2. Beautiful bottles. I can relate. I too had to 'find' myself again. When I did I couldn't stop 'creating'...it had been locked away for so long it just poured out of me.


    1. Thank you so much, Lori, for sharing this.
      It's so wonderful to be able to be creative again
      don't you think.?!

      Hugs, Wilma.

  3. Love the altered bottles and your lovely blog.
    I do believe I would like to visit often, so I have become a follower.
    I am off to make more blogger friends during this grow you blog party.
    I will be seeing you soon.

    1. Hi Michele,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and signing in to follow !
      You're very welcome!
      I signed in on your blog too.
      Hope to get to know you better in the future.

      I love to make more blogfriends too !



  4. You have created some beautiful things! How talented you are! It is lovely to meet you on this Blog Party.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much,
      nice to meet you too,on your blog!

      It's a great party, I enjoy it.



  5. Reacties
    1. Hello Laura,

      Thank you very much!
      I'll be there !



  6. So glad to get to know you through this blog hop, my sister in Christ. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica, happy to welcome you on my blog!

      Hope you'll feel at home. Yes, it's so good to know that we have sisters
      in Christ all over the world!!
      I loved your post!



  7. Hello Wilma
    Lovely to meet you and thank you for drawing me here.
    Your creations are beautiful and I hope you enjoy your time in blogland learning many new artworks to create.
    Thank you for your kind comments and I wish you luck for the giveaway!
    I think your blog looks gorgeous!

  8. Hello Suzy,

    So happy you visited! Thank you so much for
    your kind and encouraging words.
    I really love to make contact with so many creative
    Hope you're allright.

    Happy you like my blog.

  9. Hartstikke mooi Wilma, ik kom zeker vaak kijken bij je. Je stijl vind ik heel mooi! Ik moest gelijk even die schrifttekst opzoeken die je boven aan je blog hebt staan. Heel toepasselijk. En heb je me gelijk weer even met m'n neus in de Bijbel gekregen, want dat komt er de laatste tijd veel te weinig van door die blogparty. Dus dank je daarvoor! :)

    liefs en fijne dag!

    1. Hallo Wendy,
      Dank je wel voor je inschrijving,
      en wat leuk dat het in het Nederlands kan.
      Dat had ik nog niet gezien op je blog. Ben blij met je enthousiaste reactie! Mooi om elkaar te inspireren. Dat kan dus ook op een andere manier.. ;). Ik begrijp dat Petrus er aan te pas is gekomen :)
      Goed hè, om elkaar ook zo te herkennen ?!

      Hoop dat we elkaar vaker zullen spreken.

      Liefs, Wilma.

  10. Hello Wilma! I enjoyed reading your blog. I have found it from Two Bags Full. Your photos are sweet and your creations are so lovely! (Nothing wrong with coloring in the lines :)) I hope to stop and visit you again. Have a pleasant week! Dianna

  11. Hello Dianna,
    Thank you for visiting and signing in !!

    I'm not sure where to find you.
    I'd love to visit your blog. Thank you so much
    for your kind, encouraging words.


  12. I love shabby chic as well, so I was delighted to find your blog via Vicki's blog party. Those altered blue bottles are spectacular!

  13. Hello Liz,

    Happy you like my bottles!
    Thank you for signing in. I want to sign in
    on your blogs too, but have to wait,
    something's wrong with my laptop.
    Yes, I love shabby chic, at this moment we're making
    plans to redo our house some more in SC style.

    Will be visiting you.

    Have a nice weekend !

  14. Hi Wilma - your blog is beautiful - I have enjoyed seeing your books; please come by and see a couple of lacebooks that are in my sidebar. You have a lovely soft shabby chic style. Hugs from Alaska. www.alaskabluemoose.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you, Karen, for your kind comment.

      I've seen your Maria Lacebook !
      Visited a few minutes ago....
      It's absolutely beautiful !!


  15. ..amazing blog.. so much fun touriing around it.. thankssss mitz_zee@yahoodotcom

    1. Thank you so much !
      Will be visiting you.


    2. Wilma,
      Your blog is gorgeous and warm and inviting and I love it!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am only able to see blogs and post on my phone, as I am not at home right now, and I is tricky. I will definitely be back often. I think we may be kindred spirits!
      Heart hugs!

    3. Hi Betsy,
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      Have a great time !
      Looking forward to getting to know you.



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